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Welcome to the Awesome Wildlife Company

Combining our love of Mother Nature and outdoor spaces, the Awesome Wildlife Company is the leading online store for attracting and protecting more garden birds and other wildlife in your garden.

Whether you're an expert at wildlife gardening, or you're looking to encourage animals, insects and small birds into your garden, the Awesome Wildlife Company has everything you need to create the perfect habitat. Year round, there are a wide array of different elements you can add to your garden space to attract everything Mother Nature has to offer. From butterflies and pond life through to squirrels and common garden birds, the UK is home to many species of animals both great and small, and all can be found in your own back garden.

Browse our website to see how you can encourage wildlife into your green open space throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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We're passionate about encouraging UK wildlife back into gardens up and down the country and creating habitats which support insects, birds and animals to flourish in their natural environment.

With an emphasis on offering the best products and natural materials, the Awesome Wildlife Company only stocks the highest quality items,. As a result our product range is good for your garden, good for local wildlife and good for the wider environment.

You'll find everything you need to create your own garden wildlife habitat on our website. Whether you have a large back garden full of different plants, flowerbeds, trees and ground coverings, or just have a window box or a small balcony area, we offer products to suit a wide range of different gardens and spaces.

From bird feeders and bird food such as sunflower hearts, through to hedgehog houses which provide protection and warmth during winter for these spiky mammals, gardeners up and down the country can create bespoke habitats just a stones throw from their own backdoor.

Passionate about wildlife

The Awesome Wildlife Company was founded on a passion for the vast array of habitats and ecosystems here in the UK - and helping these habitats and the wildlife within them to flourish. Our gardens are the perfect place to have an impact on our local wildlife, however over the decades many of our garden spaces have lost their connection to Mother Nature thanks to the trends for patios, perfect lawns and man made structures.

We're on a mission to change this in the UK.

Our gardens should be sanctuaries for wildlife year round. Our gardens should provide habitats and safe havens for birds, invertebrates, pollinators, amphibians, mammals and wild plants.

Whether you live in an urban environment or you're surrounded by the great British countryside, your garden can be transformed into a home for all different species. From pigeons and the UK's most common garden birds, through to slow worms, foxes and hedgehogs, you'll soon be able to identify some wild visitors to your garden through the introduction of some garden products, plants and wildlife feed. You don't even have to be green fingered to make a difference and start enjoying some mellow song from some of the UK's most common garden birds.

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Bird feeders & other wildlife products

Coal Tit, Great Tit, Long Tailed Tit and other tits do enjoy certain seeds in their diet, as with every bird species actually. We offer a range of bird feeder products to suit a range of these needs. Even a ground bird feeder which are used by blackbirds, house sparrows among other bird species.

The bird food diet mainly consists of seeds but can also include other food such as mealworms and sunflower hearts. Mealworms are a firm favourite of Blue Tits, Bluebird, Wrens and the Robin. Check out these mealworm bird feeder products or browse the rest of our website for different types of bird food.

How can I get into wildlife gardening?

Its easy to start wildlife gardening in the UK - in fact you could take your first step by sowing some wildflower seeds in some containers or pots.

Even the smallest outside space can become a wildlife haven if you plant flowers full of colour which attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees and other insects. Wild flowers provide food and nourishment to some of our smallest wildlife species and invertebrates. This can help their numbers to grow and ultimately have an impact to the UK's wider ecosystems, helping our feathered friends and other mammals along the way. Not only this, they can make your garden look even more beautiful thanks to their burst of colour. You could even add additional items such as insect houses to encourage more insect visitors.

If you have a slightly larger space, why not introduce a bird feeder. Feeders can be hung from trees and stuck on the outside of a window, whilst larger freestanding bird feeders for the garden also provide a garden perch for different garden birds.

Before you know it you'll be attracting a flock of common garden birds by the introduction of some of their favourite feed such as sunflower seeds. Here in the UK, we're lucky enough to be home to so many species of bird including wood pigeon, robin, blue tit, blackbird and magpie, which can all be easily recognised. Don't forget bird houses, which could also provide a safe space for a small bird family, such as a robin or blackbird family, to lay their eggs and raise young in spring.

Garden wildlife doesn't stop there. Common birds will be easy to spot, but you could also attract some nocturnal wildlife to spend the night including badgers, foxes and hedgehogs through some of the specialist products available in our range.

Plus, if you're lucky enough to have a water feature or a pond in your garden, aquatic life such as frogs, newts, plants and other slightly smaller invertebrates could make your garden their home if there is enough food and shelter.

Even by changing some of gardening habits can help attract different wildlife to your open space. For example, choose plants which are native here in the UK and that can survive into winter, whilst leaving some weeds on the ground could help boost wildlife numbers. Wild flowers are also ideal to plant outside. You could also look at plants for your pond which could attract a different breed of frog, newt or amphibian to your outside space.

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With a passion for wildlife and gardening, we are an independent UK based business specialising in gardening tools and products which enhance our natural habitats and eco systems. No matter the season, whether its chilly in winter and autumn or warm and bright in spring or summer, the Awesome Wildlife Company has something for all gardens and outside spaces.

If you'd like to find out more about our wide range of products including bird feeders, birdboxes, bird food, pond accessories or woodland items, take a look through the rest of our website. If you have any particular questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via social media or through our contact page - we would be more than happy to help our fellow wildlife gardeners.

We occasionally have special offers available on the website so ensure you check back regularly so as not to miss out.