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    When thinking of introducing bird tables into your garden or outside space, a traditional, tall wooden structure which stands on the ground probably comes to mind. However there is a wide array of different types of bird feeders and bird tables available to suit all types of outside spaces.

    Suitable for larger and smaller birds, a bird feeder or bird table can help to support biodiversity and wildlife in gardens throughout our towns and cities - and if you don't have much space outside, you can create the same effect through a wall mounted bird table or hanging bird feeder.

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    Why should I install a bird table?

    A bird table provides shelter and a place to rest for a wide range of small birds, such as robins, blackbirds, finches, pigeons and wrens. If you're looking to attract wildlife into your garden, a good place to start is a bird table.

    Many birds struggle to find food and shelter during the colder months, so if they discover somewhere dry with a plentiful amount of feed available, its likely that they will return again and again. You may even find that they eventually build a nest and raise their young close by if they feel safe in your garden.

    The benefits of a wall mounted bird box or table is the fact that it is kept of the grass, away from the potential of predators.

    What type of wall mounted feeder or table should I look for?

    Wall mounted bird feeders and tables come in a range of different sizes and shapes, and can be a stylish addition to any garden space. A wall mounted bird feeder, box or table can be hung on walls or attached to fences, or you can even set one up hanging from a tree for larger birds to feed from.

    Always look for a bird table with a felt roof and anti bacterial coating - this will provide a damp proof and waterproof shelter for all types of garden birds. Choosing a bird table which has been treated with antibacterial coating will support the health of the birds which visit the bird table - unfortunately birds can be prone to certain diseases if the bird feeder or bird tables are not kept clean and bacteria is allowed to contaminate the food they eat. These diseases are contributing to the loss of some of our most important wild birds, so its important to choose high quality bird tables.

    What wildlife can I attract with a wall mounted bird table?

    All different species of birds and wildlife are attracted to feeders or tables which are attached to walls or a fence. In fact, many birds will prefer something attached to a wall or other structure as it will provide additional height to protect them from other wildlife or predators.

    You may find that its not just birds which visit - don't be surprised if you spot the odd squirrel visiting the bird feeder too!

    Our stock range

    The Awesome Wildlife Company has a wide range of different bird feeders and tables in stock from a wide range of wildlife partners.

    Whether you want to put your bird feeder or table on a fence or mount it to the wall, you can be rest assured that you'll discover the perfect item in our range of stock.

    Many of our items are sourced from a Shropshire factory right here in the UK, meaning you're supporting UK businesses whilst supporting UK wildlife. In fact, we only work with biodiversity supporting wildlife partners ensuring that all of our products are of the highest quality at a cost effective price.

    Plus, we are passionate about offering the highest quality feed, and source bird food from Europe foods specialists

    The availability of our stock is always changing and we're passionate about introducing new ranges at regular intervals. Therefore, remember to check back at a later stage to discover new items to add next time you checkout.

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