Bird Boxes with Cameras

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    Offering a fascinating glimpse into the natural world, our nest boxes with cameras are a specialised bird house equipped with an integrated camera system - making it a lot easier to know what birds, and other wildlife, get up to during nesting season.

    A wifi bird box camera provide a unique opportunity to observe and capture the activities of nesting birds inside of the box, without disturbing their environment, or being noticed by the bird when they are in the bird box.

    The small bird box camera is non invasive, and will give you good quality footage of the birds - giving you insight into their behaviour, habits and the development of nesting birds and their young.

    If you're interested in what happens inside of a bird box, check out our range of bird and nest boxes with cameras below.

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    The Benefits of a Bird Box Camera

    A bird box that has a camera installed is a valuable education tool for nature centres, schools and individual bird enthusiasts interested in learning all about bird behaviour and seeing them raise their chicks.

    Many of us love birds and find watching them go about their day relaxing, the bird box camera systems are the perfect way to provide live, or recorded, entertainment at any point of the day.

    If you're a bird enthusiast and you are passionate about the conservation of bird species, a bird box camera will allow you to observe the birds and monitor the species population.

    Most importantly, a bird nesting box with a camera provides a safe and secure place for birds to raise their young so that their population can continue to survive.

    How Do Bird Box Cameras Work

    The wireless bird box camera is discretely placed inside, or near the entrance hole, of the bird house to give the viewer a full view of the inside of the box, with minimal disturbance to the birds.

    Depending on the bird box you choose, they are powered by battery or electricity and the camera will connect to a phone or computer to stream the footage. You can monitor the box in real time and set it to record as well, so you never miss a moment and you can be bird watching from the comfort of your living room!

    The bird box camera system is powered by WiFi.

    What Species Can you Expect to See

    The species you can expect to see in a bird box with cameras largely depend on your location, habitat type, and the design of the bird box. However, here are some common species that often use bird boxes for nesting:

    Swallows and Blue Tits are cavity nesting species that frequently utilise bird boxes, particularly those placed near water bodies or open fields.

    House Wrens and are known to nest in bird boxes, often in gardens, parks, and forest edges.

    Some finch species, such as House Finches and Purple Finches, may use bird boxes for nesting, especially in gardens and parks.

    Easy to Setup and Install

    All of our wireless nest boxes with cameras are an easy setup!

    When you receive your nest box camera, you'll find clear instructions included in the package. Start by unboxing the camera and ensuring that all the components are present and intact.

    Selecting the right spot in your garden for your nest box is important as it will help to attract birds to nest in your box. Look for a suitable location that is close to natural habitat and away from disturbances.

    Our nest box cameras are designed to be compatible with various devices, including a smartphone, tablets, and computers. Depending on the model, you'll either connect wireless via WiFi or through a wired connection.