Fence Mounted Bird Feeders

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    Designed to be easily mounted to a variety of fences, a fence mounted bird feeder allows birds to easily access food whilst comfortably perched on the fence.

    Fence bird feeders come in a range of styles, including platform feeders, suet feeders, tube feeders. Each wall mounted bird feeder will have a hook or an extended bracket to make mounting them securely to the fence easy and ensures they have a great stability.

    For people who have very little space in their gardens, but would still love to attract wildlife and wild birds, a fence bird feeder is the perfect option.

    We have a whole range of bird feeders for you to have a look at below!

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    Why Choose a Fence Bird Feeder

    If you're looking for a space saving bird feeder, you've found the perfect option. If you don't have enough space for a bird table to stand upright, or want to give birds another safe option to feed, the fence bird feeder (or a wall mounted bird table) is the perfect way to do this.

    For birds who prefer feeding at elevated locations, a fence feeder is perfect and will attract a range of species to your garden.

    Why Should you Install a Bird Feeder

    By installing a bird feeder in your garden, you are providing a vital food source for birds, especially when food is scarce and during period of high energy, such as breeding season and migration. Birds will rely on your food source and will keep coming back - it's a great way to support the local bird population and help them continue to thrive.

    It's also a really great way to see many different species of birds in your garden and enjoy nature.

    What Birds Will a Fence Mounted Feeder attract

    Fence mounted bird feeders are attractive to lots of birds as the fence provides the perfect perch for accessing the food.

    Here are some birds you may be seeing:


    Various species of sparrows, such as house sparrows and song sparrows, are commonly attracted to feeders and can easily access seeds and grains offered on a wall or fence mounted feeder.


    Finches like house finches, goldfinches, and purple finches are frequent visitors to fence feeders, particularly those offering sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, or finch specific mixes.

    Chickadees and Titmice

    Black capped chickadees, tufted titmice, and other similar species are often seen at fence feeders, especially if they're stocked with suet, sunflower seeds, or mixed seeds.