Coconut Bird Feeders & Suet Coconut Shells

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    Providing birds with a high energy and nutritious food source is made easy with our Coconut Bird Feeders and Suet Coconut Shells. Filled with Suet and other seeds and berries, our Coconut Feeders are a tasty treat for a whole range of garden birds.

    Made from a natural material, our Coconut Suet Shells are the perfect environmentally friendly way to feed wild birds. The high quality suet in our shells provides birds with healthy fats, calories and nutrients small birds such as Blue Tits and Great Tits.

    Packed with sunflower heart chips, sunflower seeds and other nourishing ingredients, these suet filled coconut shells are irresistible to a wide variety of bird species, from small garden birds to larger birds such as woodpeckers.

    Check out our range of Suet Shells to keep your feathered friends healthy.

    3 products
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    Benefits of a Coconut Bird Feeder for Garden and Wild Bird

    With a natural charm, our Coconut bird feeders blend into a garden environment and add a natural charm to your outside space, whilst also providing a food birds love.

    The design and taste of these bird feeders appeals to a wide range of species, from small garden birds like Robins to larger birds such as Starlings, you'll be seeing a whole range of birds flocking into your garden to get a taste of a suet coconut shell.

    With high energy suet being a nutrient rich food source this food helps with the birds' health and well being. During the colder months, the half coconuts are perfect as natural food sources may be scarce. The suet mixture contains seeds, nuts, and fats.

    All year round, suet suet feeders are the perfect way to feed birds. Whether it's during the winter to provide them with energy to keep themselves warm, or throughout breeding season to make sure they are able to look after their young, this year round feeding provides birds with a consistent source of food.

    Our half Coconut bird feeders are fully biodegradable and made from natural materials so they are an eco friendly way to feed birds. By opting for sustainable feeders, you're reducing your environmental footprint and promoting a healthier ecosystem for birds and other wildlife.

    Which Bird Species Are Attracted to Coconut Halves

    Designed to attract all the birds, this quality beef suet coconut shell feed is the perfect bird food for any wildlife garden.

    When you hang out the Coconut halves, you can expect to see many small birds, such as Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits and ground feeding birds like Robins snacking on the high calorie suet.

    Some other larger birds, such as Blackbirds, Starlings and Woodpeckers are also attracted by this delicious food.

    So when you hang this bird food out, make sure you get your bird watching eyes on and watch to see how many of these birds come to your feeding station.

    What's the Best Way to Hang Suet Coconut Feeder in My Garden

    When birds are feeding, they enjoy locations that offer some cover from near by bushes or trees - so before you place your bird feeder, have a think about the best spot in your garden!

    All you need to hang these coconut feeders up a hook that is attached to a strong structure, once this is up, simply hang up your coconut feeder and watch the birds enjoy these half coconuts filled with fat. You could also put the coconut half onto a bird table to encourage a wide range of birds to feed.

    Ideally, hang the feeder from a hook that is high enough for ground predators not to reach it and keep an eye on the feeder to make sure it is secure.