Hedgehog Feeding Stations

Hedgehog Feeding Stations

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    Hedgehog feeding stations are one of the simplest and most wonderful things that you can add to your garden. The main reason that we're so fond of them is that they're straightforward, understandable, and totally perfect for a garden of any size! You'll always be surprised by how many hedgehogs there are near your garden and home, so allowing them into your garden for a feeding station can keep them in plain sight, where you're sure to enjoy seeing them.

    8 products
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    Hedgehog Feeding Station

    A great hedgehog feeding station like the ones that we sell generally revolves around a simple concept - hogs are prey animals, first and foremost. This means that when they eat their food, they want to feel as though they're as safe as possible, ideally guarded against all sides, and protected from the elements. All the hedgehog feeding stations stocked on our website have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the animals' needs and that they are of the highest quality.

    To that end, our hedgehog house offerings and hedgehog feeding station products are all designed with this concept in mind - keeping the hog as safe as possible is priority number one.

    Feeding Station

    A key thing to bear in mind when considering a hedgehog feeding station is that hedgehogs food can sometimes become stale, spoiled, or otherwise unappetizing to hungry hogs. This might sound a little surprising, but it's true - any hedgehog feeder can become less inviting as the food spoils.

    We would recommend replacing the food in the feeding station every other day, or when the hedgehog food is totally gone - whichever comes first. This is a good general guideline to ensure that the hogs in your garden have easy access to fresh, unspoiled food. Although all the hedgehog feeding stations stocked on our website are of the highest quality, we cannot guarantee that the food won't spoil if its left out for long periods of time.

    Hedgehog Food

    Hedgehog food is generally quite meat-heavy. When we first started down the path of product development, we were surprised to learn this, but it's utterly true - a good hedgehog feeding station is stuffed with meaty food for hogs.

    The food offered to hedgehogs isn't dissimilar to dog food. Generally, the only real difference is the presence of things that hogs would not be able to digest - considering the size of a hog relative to a dog, there are certainly some things that the smaller creature couldn't eat. You can find a range of hedgehog food right here on our website to get you started.

    Plastic Storage Box

    If you're looking to go down the DIY route, a plastic storage box can be a great impromptu option! For a simple feeding station, we would recommend upending a box and cutting an entrance hole into the plastic. Sand the plastic edge down so that it won't cut any hogs, and you're good to go!

    Buying A Hedgehog Feeding Station

    We sell a wide range of great hedgehog feeding stations that are sure to appeal to many different hedgehogs. Not only that, but we've been sure to design them with other garden animals in mind - our feeding station options are designed to permit access to hogs, but no other pets or wildlife.

    We've also made sure that it's simple and easy to keep your feeding station clean when purchasing through us. Both the human experience and the hog experience has been considered - it's important to feed hedgehogs, and it's also important to ensure that they're clean and safe.

    Building A DIY Hedgehog Feeding Station

    A DIY hedgehog house or feeding station can be really simple to build. A great base is a plastic box, which will easily convert into a feeding station. We would suggest using a stanley knife to cut an entrance hole too small for local cats, and then sanding down the hole to prevent injury to any hogs in your garden.

    Before long, you'll have a cat-proof hedgehog house ideal for your first hog.

    The problem of rats

    Rats can, and will, seek out any food that they might be able to get their hands on. The best way to prevent rats from gaining access to a hedgehog box is to use mint - rats loathe the smell, while hogs don't mind it.

    A few drops of minty essential oil or some mint plants around your garden can do very well to stave off any rats.

    What's the best place for a hedgehog feeding station?

    The best place for a hedgehog box is somewhere under cover. Hogs are prey animals, meaning that they will ideally never want to come out of hiding, even in search of food. The best way to ensure that they find their box is to throw some leaves and brush across their path, and the box itself.

    This will ensure that the box looks a little less like a box upside down in your garden and a little more like a naturally occurring home.

    What size should a hedgehog feeding station be?

    There's no real rule on this, since hogs will feel comfortable enclosed no matter the overarching size of the space. A good rule is to keep things around thirty centimeters by thirty centimeters in the main body of the box. This is large enough for a couple of hogs, but small enough to be cramped for other predators.

    Keeping cats away

    Keeping cats away can also be solved with smells, just like rats! The best method is to dissolve a few drops of lemon-scented dish soap (make sure it contains limonene, which will be listed on the label) in some hot water, and spray it across the surface that you're keeping cats away from.

    They dislike the lemony scent and steer clear.

    How often should you fill the feeding station?

    We always say that you should fill or refresh the feeding station a minimum of every two days. That way, if a hog gets into the feeding area, it can always have access to fresh, dry food perfect for them.

    Avoiding leaving food out for too long, as it will be a target for bacteria, which would be very negative in the case of a hog eating the food - they couldgetvery sick!

    What liquid should you offer?

    For a long time, it was recommended to offer hogs milk in a small saucer. We now know that this is a bad choice - hogs are lactose intolerant! They will be perfectly happy with a small bowl of water.

    What food should you offer?

    You can DIY some hedgehog food by soaking dry dog kibble in some water and allowing it to become softer. However, we would recommend you check out our range of specialist hedgehog food. We've made sure to select the perfect ingredients and cooking methods to create nutritionally complete food fit for the hungriest hog out there.

    Securing a hedgehog feeding station

    Securing a hedgehog feeding station is quite simple. The easiest method is a heavy weight, for example, a few bricks or bags of sand. This is very simple indeed, and you can easily lift off the weights to gain access to the interior of the station itself.

    Access to the feeding station

    Giving hogs access to the feeding station while also ensuring that it's covered enough to keep food dry can be tricky. The best ways to ensure this takes place are simple ones. For example, you could try covering the entrance to the feeding station with some loose pieces of brush. That will camouflage the hole, allowing hogs to gain access without arousing suspicion.

    Our range of hedgehog feeding boxes is exhaustive and able to bring a lot of joy and kibble to the hogs in your garden. Take a look at our range for some great options for your home.