Wooden Bird Tables & Feeding Tables

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    Wooden bird tables and feeding tables are a wonderful thing - they're a great way to easily and quickly find yourself with plenty of birds in your garden, ready to eat and flit around. What better way to birdwatch than from the comfort of your own home?

    All the tables we stock are made from high-quality wood and other materials - we can assure you that they're strong, stable, and will be happy to support birds as they eat and interact with one another.

    There is a range of examples here, sure to fit a garden of any shape, size, and style, so take a look and find the perfect option for you. We're sure it's here!

    9 products
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    Timeless Bempton Hanging Bird Table
    Spalding Ground Table
    Spalding Ground Table
    Silhouette Hanging Feeding Table
    Bird Table Ground Pegs (x4)

    Wooden bird table

    A bird table made from wood can be ideal for our feathered friends, since they're so used to spending their time with their claws around branches and other forms of wood. To this end, a wooden table will be comfortable under their feet, not getting too warm or cool, and being dependable solid over time.

    Bird Table

    The concept of a bird table might sound a little odd, but it was invented so that people could find themselves bird watching from home. The idea is simple - a small table with bird food on it is sure to attract birds. If they're on a table, you'll be able to watch them wonderfully easily.

    Bird Feeding Table

    A bird table is designed exclusively for feeding, really.

    How and why?

    The reason for this is that the table is always designed to be flat and level, such that bird seed will remain on the table, and the birds themselves will sit on the fsc certified timber for as long as they might like.

    Are bird tables a good idea?

    Yes, we would argue that bird tables are a wonderful idea. They're a great way for wild birds to find their way to your garden, eat their fill, and be watched by people that appreciate them for their wonderful nature.

    Do bird tables attract birds?

    Yes, bird feeding tables certainly attract birds. The reason is that while birds fly around gardens and neighborhoods, they're always looking out for some great spaces where they can get some food. Therefore, if they find such a space in your garden, they'll be happy to go to it.

    What kind of wood should I use for a bird table?

    This is quite tricky to answer, but we would always urge people to use sustainably farmed wood wherever possible. We do everything we can to ensure that the wood our bird feeding tables are made from is sustainable, and we're exceptionally proud of that.

    Should a bird table have a roof?

    In some situations, a bird feeding table may benefit from having a roof, such as if you live in a stormy area.

    On the other hand

    However, this isn't completely necessary - bird food will typically be fine if left outside, meaning that it doesn't have to be covered with a roof.

    What can detract from a bird table?

    Well, looking through reviews, bird table function can be impaired by the table not being staked into the ground properly or weighted down if it's not staked. Being sure to do that will prevent a bird table from tipping or tilting, which will be ideal for almost any bird table.

    How to keep squirrels off bird tables

    We've learned something else from reviews: bird table real estate can be taken up by squirrels finding their way onto the table and looking for nuts. This is less than ideal, as you're aiming to feed birds, not squirrels!

    A dedicated squirrel feeder

    We recommend setting up a squirrel feeder elsewhere in your garden, and keeping it filled, to discourage squirrels. The furry friends will eat there, leaving your table in peace.

    How to manage the cold with your bird tables

    Through the cold winter months, you may worry about your bird table being susceptible to frost or rain damage. The bird tables we stock will handle that kind of damage very well, though if you're genuinely concerned, you could wrap them in a tarp for the duration of the winter - that will prevent frost damage.

    What type of food for what type of table

    Finding the right types of food for different tables can be tricky. We would suggest using larger food on larger tables, as odd as that might seem.

    A long journey for a small creature

    Since birds are small, they won't appreciate vast travel distances between small food items.

    Sustainable wood in bird tables

    The use of sustainable wood is vitally important to us, that's why we've made sure that our tables make use of that wood wherever possible. Supporting that industry is vital for the planet!

    Attracting feathered friends to the bird tables

    The best way to attract our friends to the bird table is to put out food - they love food, and placing out fresh food, along with brushing away old food, will keep the area attractive to them.

    Decorating bird tables

    You can decorate bird tables in several ways, but we advise against using anything shiny. Something shiny or flashing will deter birds, which is the opposite of what you're hoping for.

    Isolating the tables

    Bringing the bird table that you're using into the center of your garden will be ideal to ensure that cats and similar predators cannot catch the birds in your garden.

    Bird evasive tactics

    If a predator has to walk through an open location, they'll be spotted, allowing the birds to flee.