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    One of the best ways of encouraging garden birds into your outside space is to ensure that you provide plenty of bird food which will attract all sorts of different bird species. From seed mix through to peanuts, sunflower seeds and mealworms, birds enjoy a variety of different food sources to keep them healthy and happy and wild bird foods come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, a ready made feast in your back garden could be the perfect way to ensure a visit from some of the UK's wild birds.

    Here at the Awesome Wildlife Company, we're passionate about creating wildlife friendly habitats within our own back gardens. As a result, we've worked tirelessly to develop a product range which enhances our wildlife's natural habitat. including natural wild bird food mixes, bird feeders, bird baths and bird tables. Our extensive product range features only the highest quality items, created using natural ingredients and materials, ensuring that our range is not only good for your garden but good for our environment too.

    91 products
    Fallen Fruits Leaf Roof Seed Feeder
    Fallen Fruits Stainless Steel Seed Feeder
    Fallen Fruits Silo Acorn Seed Feeder
    Supa Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder
    15kg Sunflower Seed Heart Chips (3x 5kg)
    15kg Whole and Split Peanuts (3x 5kg)
    15kg All Year Round Bird Seed (3x 5kg)
    15kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix (3x 5kg)
    Tom Chambers Super Perch Seed Feeder
    15kg Bird Peanuts (3x 5kg)
    15kg Premium Gold Seed Mix (3x 5kg)
    Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder
    2kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix
    50.2kg Sunflower Rich Seed Mix (4x 12.55kg)
    25.1kg Sunflower Rich Seed Mix (2x 12.55kg)
    25.5kg Gardman No Grow Seed Mix
    Peckish Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder
    12.75kg Gardman No Grow Seed Mix
    Jacobi Jayne My Favourites Clinger Seed Feeder
    2 Port Ring Pull Niger Seed Feeder
    12.55kg All Year Round Bird Seed
    4 Port Ring Pull Niger Seed Feeder
    Ring Pull Seed Small Feeder 2 Port
    50.2kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix (4x 12.55kg)
    25.1kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix (2x 12.55kg)
    12.55kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix
    25.1kg All Year Round Bird Seed (2x 12.55kg)
    Tom Chambers Oriental Niger Seed Feeder
    Tom Chambers Oriental Seed Feeder
    Gardman Aura Bird Seed Feeder
    Tom Chambers Easy Feeder - Multi Seed & Nut Mix
    Panacea Chateau Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder - Black / Copper
    Panacea Copper Seed Feeder
    5kg Premium Gold Seed Mix
    5kg Robin & Blackbird No Mess Seed Mix
    Jacobi Jayne Get Set Go Yellow Niger Seed Feeder
    2kg Niger Seed
    5kg Niger Seed
    2kg Premium Gold Seed Mix
    50.2kg Premium Gold Seed Mix (4x 12.55kg)

    What type of bird food should I get?

    In the wild, birds will hunt and search for their food across a vast area, looking in hedgerows, fields, woodland and even in streams to find the perfect meal. However, you can make this much easier for them by introducing a bird feeder complete with wild bird seed into your garden.

    Did you know that different species of wild birds prefer different types of bird food? For instance blue tits are particularly fond of mealworms but also like a variety of bird seed mixes, whilst other garden birds such as the blackbird enjoy sunflower hearts and anything with a berry flavour. And it is not just seed which you can offer to these feathered friends. Fat balls are a great addition to hang from your tree, providing additional nutritional benefits especially during the colder months - its something which we've found that birds love and many wildlife trusts will also recommend this type of food as well.

    Different types of feed will attract different birds, so depending on the species you wish to see we always recommend providing a variety of different bird seed. You don't even have to have a special feeder set up in the garden, you could create your own DIY one out of a basket you have a home. Simply hang the basket from a tree of shrub, gill it with seed, nyger seed, a nut mix, naked oats or even cut maize, and it wont be long before you can spot some feathered visitors.

    Remember to keep your binoculars close to hand to see you can see what species visit your garden or open space. You can then keep a log of what birds prefer what wild bird food so you can be sure to order some more of that particular food or wild bird seed next time around.

    How to pick the right bird food?

    As mentioned above, different species of bird like different types of feed, so its difficult to outline the best wild bird food as there is such a variety to choose from. Wild bird feed comes in all shapes and sizes (you can find a wide selection of seed mixes right here on our website containing the highest quality ingredients and other foods). This includes peanuts, nyjer seed, dried mealworms and suet foods. All of these are eaten by birds in our garden and are safe and nutritious for them to consume.

    All of the products featured on our website are carefully picked by hand to ensure that they provide the highest quality care for all the different wildlife in our gardens. Our products provide many benefits to birds, mammals and other animals, so you can ensure that you are only offering the best products at all times, including our seed mix and feeders range.


    Why order your wild bird seed on the Awesome Wildlife Company website store?

    Not only are we passionate about protecting the UK's natural environment, we're also committed to offering our customers only the highest quality products. This is reflected in our wide selection of products available on our online store.

    Our website is easy to navigate and order from and easily accessible from a modern web browser including internet explorer and google chrome - simply browse through our wide range of different bird foods which a variety of different birds love and discover some great value products at the lowest prices. Select the product you're looking for and add to basket - you could also benefit from free delivery if you spend over £50.

    Our bird seed mix contains all the nutrients and ingredients that birds love and ned to flourish. Our bird seed mix includes dried mealworms, niger seed, sunflower hearts and peanuts, providing a balanced diet for wildlife in your garden.

    Our product range will ensure that feeding time is always a success, with very little waste falling onto the ground or your lawn. If you're hoping to attract birds of all types, including great tits and other breeds of wild bird, you have come to the right place. Plus we are committed to keeping all of our customers data safe.

    Plus we offer free delivery on all orders over £50. So if you're looking to attract wildlife into your outside space, we have everything you need, from wild bird sunflower hearts through to outside feeders and other feeding equipment.

    Other wildlife

    Did you know, its not just birds we cater for. At the Awesome Wildlife Company we're committed to supporting wildlife in all its forms and you'll be able to add all sorts of other products for different animals in you basket. Take a look through the rest of our offering and discover a whole host of different ranges to add to basket.

    If you find some products you like the look of, don't forget to add to basket as any orders over £50 qualify for free delivery.

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