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    Feeding squirrels is one of the UK's most beloved pastimes. Not only is it simple and affordable, but it's so utterly sweet! That's the reason why most of us do it: being able to share a little bit of love and affection with sweet little squirrels is something that people love to do.

    We're exceptionally proud of the range of squirrel food that we've been able to put together on this site. Just like any other creature out there, wild squirrels do need specially designed food to make sure that they're as healthy as possible. Not only have we designed foods specifically to help squirrels, but there are some options on the market that can hurt squirrels!

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    Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food

    Something to bear in mind, however, is that the favorite food of a squirrel might be different from one little furry friend to the next. We don't just mean a difference between grey squirrels and red squirrels, but there is a level of discrepancy between any two squirrels out there.

    We've made sure to account for that level of personal favoritism throughout our products, here. From pine nuts and sunflower seeds to peanuts and pumpkin seeds, we've got blends sure to suit your local squirrels.

    Feed Squirrels

    A squirrel feeder is perhaps the best way to ensure that food is getting to the squirrels near you. They're used to scavenging for their food, and as such, they'll be happy to gather it up from a range of different locations. If you'd rather the squirrels simply gather food directly from a handy location, a feeder is the best way to feed squirrels.

    Bird Feeders

    Bird feeders are another way that you can feed squirrels. Notoriously, squirrels will search for squirrel food within bird feeders, despite the fact that food wasn't placed out for them. As we said previously, squirrels are used to scavenging for food near their home, which means that they may well try to grab some sunflower seeds or pine nuts out of a bird feeder.

    You could fill a bird feeder with squirrel's own food so that while the squirrel may think it's sneaking some food from you, it's actually being fed a perfect blend of different hickory nuts and sunflower seeds designed to make sure that it's got a nutritionally complete diet.

    Wild squirrels love to eat from bird feeders since they're so plentiful in the UK. Consider using a bird feeder to feed squirrels near you.

    Squirrels Eat

    Squirrels will eat nearly anything - they're essentially omnivorous, though there are some things that they prefer over others. In particular, squirrels love eating nuts. Nuts contain a lot of protein and fat that a squirrel could use to live through the winter very well!

    To be sure that you're giving squirrels good options, we might suggest looking into one of our specially designed squirrel food options - we've made sure that there are plenty of options to suit different budgets which also allows for squirrels to get the nuts, fruits, and insects that they might need.

    Feeding Squirrels

    Squirrel feed is the thing that a squirrel will most easily eat, so it would make sense for that to be the item that you offer. They love feeding on nuts, seeds, and similar protein-dense options such as small insects and grubs.

    To be sure that the squirrel feed you offer is ideal for the squirrels in your garden, we would suggest making sure that it includes a lot of nuts and other things that squirrels love.

    What food is best for squirrels?

    Squirrel food can be a slightly tricky thing to get right, since they like alongside birds and other wildlife, though tend to spend mealtimes eating differently to them. However, the option that squirrels to tend to enjoy the most is certainly peanuts.

    Squirrels adore peanuts, and it's a simple reason why - they're packed with fat and protein! This means that, whether you're feeding a red squirrel or a grey, they can fill their belly really easily, and create a wonderful base level of energy to spend climbing trees throughout your garden.

    What food do squirrels eat?

    Squirrels can munch on a huge variety of different things - they're essentially omnivores, though they tend to shy away from meat. Like other wildlife in your garden, red squirrels will tend to adore seeds and nuts above all else.

    Peanuts are something that we've mentioned several times in this article, and for good reason - they're beloved by red squirrels and grey alike, meaning that they're a handy option to feed to local wildlife near you.

    Small squirrels, and particularly a red squirrel, might quite like seeds or smaller options. At the end of the day, the stomach of a red squirrel is physically smaller than that of a great squirrel. To be sure that they can stay full and chew safely, smaller options can be a sensible offering.

    What foods are toxic to squirrels?

    Foodstuffs that are high in sugar and carbs are exceptionally unsafe for a squirrel. The only reason that we humans feed ourselves on them is that our digestive systems are a little more complex and robust than that of a squirrel. To be sure that you're being as safe as possible, avoid bread and pasta to steer clear of carbs, and cookies or cake to steer clear of sugar.

    What nuts are best for squirrels?

    A squirrel will always choose nuts over another option, with nuts being most of their diet. Their ultimate favorite, really, is peanuts! They adore peanuts, especially when they might have to do a little work to get the nuts out of their shells.

    They also like to climb trees for nuts, which means that you might be best served by placing some peanuts in a higher place. Of course, peanuts grow underground, not up in a tree, but the squirrel won't make that connection.

    We hope that you've enjoyed this short article about things that a squirrel might adore on their dinner plate. Check out some of the options we have available - we're sure you'll find something to suit your needs.