Bird Boxes & Nest Boxes

Bird Boxes & Nest Boxes

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    Adding bird boxes and nest boxes to your outside space is an ideal way to attract wildlife into your garden, and provide garden birds with a safe and secure place to raise their young and shelter over night.

    12 products
    Chapelwood Robin Nest Box Dark Wood
    Dovecote Nestbox
    Henry Bell Elegance Open Front Nest Box
    Henry Bell Elegance Sloping Roof Open Front Nest Box
    Johnston & Jeff Classic Nest Box with Shingle Roof
    Natural Log Nesting Box
    Tom Chambers Multi Nest Box
    Tom Chambers Robin Nest Box
    Tom Chambers Snoozy Bird Nest Box
    Wildlife World Elegance Bird Nest Box
    Wildlife World New England Nest Box
    Wooden Bird Nesting Box

    What are the benefits of having a nesting box in my garden?

    A bird box or nesting box is a great way of attracting garden birds and other species of wildlife into you outside space.

    In order to attract birds, a bird nesting box should offer a private, sheltered space where any garden or wild bird can make a home or a nest, lay eggs and raise their chicks.

    Many birds love the safety of bird boxes, particularly in more urban areas where the ability to create their own next could be limited or even dangerous.

    If you're a fan of Mother Nature and would like to support the eco system in your local area, a nesting box could be the perfect addition to your garden. Even if you don't have much space, or only have a balcony, you can still include bird boxes to help encourage wildlife onto your doorstep.

    Simply find a clear wall and attach the nest box to this. You can encourage birds to go in them and use them by installing a bird feeder nearby so they have a constant source of food.

    If you're interested in bird feeders, check out the rest of our website shop which features everything you need to create your very own wildlife sanctuary, including bird feeders, bird tables and bird seed.

    Where should I place bird boxes in my garden?

    There isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to finding the perfect spot for your nest box. It really will depend on the size and shape of your outside space and what kind of garden birds and wildlife you're already attracting.

    However, there are a few handy tips to bear in mind when your bird nesting box arrives at home.

    One of the most important things to remember with a bird box is the fact that you want to place it in a safe position where predators will not be a risk to the garden birds which use it.

    Nesting boxes should ideally be placed quite high up so its easy for the birds to fly in and out - think about how high nests usually are in trees. The higher the better.

    Its also important to find a nice sheltered spot which won't be at the mercy of the elements when the seasons change and the weather gets bad.

    Ideally a nest box should be used by birds throughout the seasons, providing shelter from spring to summer and autumn to winter.

    In fact, some birds may have up to three different nests throughout the year, so if they find a nest box which particularly suits their needs, its likely that they will continue to return to the same bird box and raise a family throughout the seasons.

    What are nest boxes made from?

    Nest boxes tend to be made from wood, creating a natural and eco friendly addition to your garden.

    The Awesome Wildlife Company offers a wide range of different styles and shapes to suite all tastes and budgets, so you're bound to find nesting boxes which suit your needs on our website store.

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    Bird nesting boxes can be attached to an exterior wall or a tree and provide many benefits for different species of birds including blue tits, black birds, sparrows and robins.

    As a business, the team at the Awesome Wildlife Company is passionate about all types of British wildlife, from amphibians to birds and everything in between. Our wide range of products have been specially selected for their high quality and we're committed to only offering our customers the best - including our bird nesting boxes.