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Bird Baths

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    Bird Bath and Bird Baths

    Bird baths are a wonderful way to introduce a whole range of fantastic different elements to your garden.

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    Bird bath

    Not only can you use and include stone, traditional bird baths, but the technology of the world has made it possible to create absurd, fantastic, and unique bird baths that are hard to say no to.

    Something that we really love is the modern trend of making bird baths from metal. Cast iron bird baths are a little more old-school, and a typically paired with a classic sundial or a similar piece of equipment in the same material.

    Bird bath

    However, garden birds can now have the luxury of baths made from copper, aluminum, and steel. This range of materials allows you to more easily search our range for the ideal bird bath for your garden.

    We've scoured plenty of reviews: bird bath depth is a key part of ensuring that you can attract birds, and then keep your feathered friends nearby for as long as possible.

    Make sure that you don't select a bird bath that's far too deep - most bird baths are designed for smaller birds, rather than birds like ducks or swans that would be happy to float.

    Furthermore, another key point in reviews: bird bath visibility is important.

    You need to ensure that your bird bath has clear visibility from wherever you might be watching it, and a core part of that is ensuring that your material choice doesn't serve to contaminate the water at all.

    Fresh water, and clean water, are ideal parts of ensuring that your bird bath bowl is home to many different wild birds.

    Bird bath

    Bird Bath

    A bird bath is precisely what it sounds like - a small basin of water that's commonly used among birds to ensure that they're clean.

    Preening is a large part of being a bird, and ensuring that they have a bath available will allow you to see that process taking place.

    Garden bird baths will typically be shallow enough for a bird to stand in the center and not have its head submerged, though a bird bath is more commonly used by a bird standing at the edge and engaging in preening rituals to make sure that they are as clean as possible.

    Hanging Bird Baths

    Hanging bird baths are a modern thing, and they can be a real boon to the world of birdwatching. They're not a classic design at all, but they can offer birds a way to be as safe as possible from predators.

    Bird bath

    One thing that we would make sure to mention is that it's unwise to hand these with trees nearby or from trees. Plant matter getting into the water and decomposing is the surest way that bird bath water will become dirty, and unfit for a bird to live in. To that end, hanging bird baths should be hung from a structure at least a little way from a tree.

    Bird Bath Fountain

    A bird bath fountain is something that might sound a little extreme. After all, if birds were writing reviews, bird bath jets wouldn't be featured among the best offerings of a bath.

    Instead, bird bath fountains are typically dual-purpose. They function as a bird bath at the edges of the bath, and as a fountain at the center of the body of water. This is a great way to ensure that the water, which birds could easily be drinking, is free from contaminants. Instead, the water is cycled and aerated on a regular basis, allowing garden birds to have access to healthy water.

    Bird bath

    How to stop water from freezing in a bird bath?

    During winter, it's quite common for the water in a bird bath to freeze. There are a few ways that you might be able to stop this from occurring, but the one that we've seen the best results with is a darkening of the base of the bird bath.

    A plastic or similar sheeting along the base of a bird bath will serve to attract more sunlight and, therefore, heat to the water within the bird bath. This method, paired with moving the bath to a sunnier spot in your garden, can allow you to make sure that the water freezes much more rarely, if at all.

    Types of bird bathing

    There are a number of different ways for a bird to bathe, but they all revolve around the type of bird bath that you have.

    We offer a wide range of baths, from handing to pedestals, and we would suggest considering which option works best for you to ensure that the bird bath is ideal for your garden.

    By this, we mean that you should consider what birds you have in your garden. Garden bird baths will always work well for smaller birds, such as robins and bluetits. Make sure to get a shallower bird bath for birds like that, or a larger, deeper bath for birds like pigeons and doves.

    Bird bath

    How to choose the best bird bath

    Choosing the best bird bath to add to the basket page can be a little tricky, but we'd ask you to consider one thing above all else - size.

    The size of the body of water in which the birds are bathing will allow you to make sure that you get the right bath for those birds. For example, you need to ensure a small bath for a robin. Consider which birds you get most commonly in your garden, and opt for a bird bath based on that.

    Where to place bird baths?

    Placing bird baths often varies from home to home, but we would suggest opting for a spot in your garden that's far from vantage points, and also stands in the sun. This will allow you to both prevent ice from forming in or on the bird bath, as well as prevent cats or other wildlife predators from sitting and watching birds coming and going, waiting for their dinner to land.

    Ensuring birds are safe

    Wildlife will often eat a bird - it's common to spot loose feathers in the woods, or in your garden. To be sure that your cat, for example, isn't snacking on the wildlife, try shopping for a taller bird bath, where the feathers will be harder to spot and keep track of from a low vantage point.

    We hope that this article has helped you learn about bird baths. Make sure to browse through our collection - we have some of the best prices on elegant bird baths for your garden.