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    Known for their distinctive black plumage and stunning songs, this species is commonly found in our gardens. Our Blackbird Nest Boxes provide this species with a safe place to nest, especially in urban environments where natural nesting sites may be limited.

    This range of Blackbird open-fronted nest boxes is specifically designed to mimic the natural spots the Blackbird species prefer to build their nests, such as cavities in trees. Inside each of the different nest boxes is a platform to provide the perfect environment for these birds to lay eggs and raise the young Blackbirds.

    By installing an open fronted nest box, you can help Blackbirds thrive during the breeding season, and they can continue to be regular visitors.

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    Blackbird Nester
    Blackbird Nester
    Black Bird Nester

    The Importance of a Blackbird Nest Box

    Along with many other bird species, including Song Thrush, Grey Wagtails and Spotted Flycatchers, urbanisation has led to a decline in suitable nesting sites for the Blackbird. Providing a nest box is a way to ensure they continue to be one of the most common birds in the UK.

    Near human habitats, the young Blackbird chicks are particularly vulnerable to predators such as domestic cats. Our nest boxes are built to provide a safe space for Blackbirds to raise their young, and when they are placed in the correct location - the Blackbirds have a secure site to raise their young without the risk of predators. This helps to increase the breeding success of these birds.

    Do Blackbirds use Nest Boxes?

    Yes, Blackbirds will use nest boxes that are of an open fronted design and optimum dimensions.

    If you have a cavity style nest box, they are less likely to use this, which is why it is important to invest in a nest box suitable for the species concerned because different species have different nesting habits.

    The best location

    When choosing a nest site, Blackbirds will choose an area that is in a thick hedgerow because they like privacy and security. Place the open fronted nest box in a concealed area to mimic this environment - this also provides shelter from harsh weather conditions and become a shaded spot when it's summer time.

    Having easy access to food and drink is important for nesting birds so pick a location that has a reliable food source close by. This can be a bird feeder and a bird bath, just make sure you are keeping them topped up and they are in a position that the birds can easily access.

    Blackbird Nesting Habits

    Blackbirds breeding season begins in March and goes on until July. If the Blackbird decides to use your blackbird nest box, the partners, especially the female, will make frequent visits to the nest and will be seen carrying materials such as twigs and grass to construct the nest.

    You may also observe male Blackbirds becoming territorial during this time as they will defend their territory from other birds.

    Once the eggs are laid, Blackbirds tend to become secretive around the nest site so that they avoid attracting predators. Once the eggs hatch, both parents will be kept busy feeding the chicks, you might even spot the parents coming in and out of the nest bringing food to the chicks.