Mealworms & Dried Mealworms for Birds

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    Birds and other wildlife need a wide variety of different types of food to provide them with the right nutrition to stay healthy throughout the seasons. Dried mealworms are one example of this food source. This type of feed is suitable for many species of birds including robins, blackbirds and thrushes and can attract many forms of wildlife and animals into your garden.

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    What is mealworm feed?

    Mealworms are the larvae of certain insects such as the darkling beetle. Mealworms can be available as live food and also dried food, providing different options for garden birds whilst providing a nutritious, protein rich snack on your garden feeder.

    Freeze dried mealworms are a popular choice for those who are looking to encourage more birds into their gardens. They are also fed to chickens by farmers as they also eat mealworms too.


    What is the benefits of mealworms for birds?

    Mealworms are an ideal food source for wild birds. Many birds eat mealworms throughout the year and ultimately can attract other animals into your garden or outside space.

    Mealworms, whether they are dried mealworms or live mealworms, provide many benefits for birds and are packed with lots of nutrients which are naturally present in this particular food. One benefit is the fact that its an excellent source of protein and fat, helping to support healthy bones and the overall health of any wild bird.

    Young birds as well as adult birds will eat mealworms as well other food options such as bird seed, invertebrates, loose bran and earthworms. In fact parent birds will bring dried mealworms back to their nest to feed their babies once they have hatched from their eggs, so it is ideal if they can easily find it in a bird feeder during the spring reproduction season.


    What time of the year should I put out mealworms in my feeders?

    Its important to provide bird feed year round, but its partially important during the colder months and during the spring when the eggs are hatching.

    Birds need to eat a varied diet at every season. They cannot simply rely on worms and other invertebrates that they can hunt and catch. This is because during the colder months it is often harder for birds to hunt prey because the earth could be frozen solid or the weather conditions may prevent them from finding enough food. As a result, it is vital that nutritious mealworms and other wild bird food is left out for birds, such as robins and blackbirds, to help support the natural wildlife we find here in the UK.


    How can I feed dried mealworms to birds?

    Dried mealworms are an easy and nutritious alternative to seed mixes and suet food, providing important protein and fat for any adult and young wild bird. There are a number of ways in which you can provide mealworms for birds when you're feeding wild birds, including in traditional feeders you hang on a tree, bird table or in shrubs, or you could put them in a rimmed dish on the ground along with as much water as you like.

    Although it's completely safe for garden birds to eat dried mealworms, if you would like to provide more moisture for wild birds, particularly if the temperature is warm outside you can soak dried worms in warm water. This helps to rehydrate the nutritious mealworms - something which wild birds including robins love.

    You also have the option of feeding live mealworms year round to wild birds, providing all the protein benefits of dried mealworms in your feeder. Worms that are live provide additional benefits to birds as they mimic the worms birds would hunt and eat from the ground.


    Where can I buy dried mealworms for birds?

    Worms are a great option for your wild bird feeders and they are available to buy in bulk right here at the Awesome Wildlife Company. With free delivery on orders over £80, you can find all you need in our online store.