Hedgehog Food, Buy Online with UK Delivery

Hedgehog Food, Buy Online with UK Delivery

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    You might be a little surprised to know that there is dedicated hedgehog food out there in the world, but we're here to tell you that not only is that good out there, but we make sure to bring in and use the best quality ingredients and methods to create food perfect for our spiky friends.

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we're passionate about offering our customers the highest quality products, which is why we source only the best items to feature on our online shop, including hedgehog food. As a result, we have become renowned as one of the leading experts in wildlife products in the UK, meaning that you know you're always purchasing something which will provide the best care for the wildlife in your garden or outside space.

    If you want to create a paradise for wildlife in your garden, you've come to the right place. Our team can guide you to the right items which are suitable for your outside space.

    2 products
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    Hedgehog Food 750g

    Our meaty hedgehog food is ideal for feeding hedgehogs in your garden, ensuring that they can have full bellies and be perfectly contented to go about their business. A lot of food out there tries to totally replace a hedgehog's natural diet, but we know that the best way to go about things is to supplement that diet. Our hedgehog food is specially formulated to ensure that the food you leave out is ideal for boosting the health, immunity, and energy of any visiting hogs.

    Visiting hogs in your garden are more than likely to be searching for a little food, so leaving out some of our food in a shallow dish will ensure that you can get repeat customers. They're fascinating little creatures, and we would recommend using our food to get a little closer to them. Whether you use a movement-sensitive camera to capture their movement, or you simply spy on them through a window, we're certain that a helping of our gourmet hedgehog foods in a shallow dish will encourage hedgehogs in your garden.

    Feed Hedgehogs

    To feed hedgehogs, we first need to talk a little bit about the kind of things that they like to eat.

    For a long time, people were encouraged to level out nothing more than milk for hogs, since they could come and have a slurp at the sweet, fatty liquid, allowing them to absorb some dense calories, compared to their foraging-based natural food.

    Instead of opting for that method, people soon started to suggest feeding hedgehogs soaked dog food. The meaty food would be ideal for the diet of an omnivorous creature like a hedgehog, while the soaking would ensure that kibble isn't too dense or hard for a hog's teeth or digestive system to manage.

    Nowadays, though, we would say that the best food for wild hedgehogs is hedgehog food - perhaps unsurprisingly. It is specially formatted for garden hedgehogs, containing a range of different nutrients and food sources designed to ensure that they can get as much food into their bellies as quickly as possible. At the Awesome Wildlife Company, we stock a range of different types of specialist hedgehog food, meaning that you're always providing a nutritionally balanced meal for the hedgehogs in your garden.

    Hedgehogs eat fairly little, compared to other wild animals since they're only quite small. THis means that wild hedgehogs will typically revisit a place that they know has available food. Make your garden a hotspot by introducing hedgehog food to the equation.

    Hedgehog House

    A hedgehog house is a simple thing. Typically, it's a small wooden construction designed to shelter any wayward hogs from intense weather conditions. People often add hedgehog food to their hedgehog house, since that allows the little hogs to feed while they're sheltering from a storm or some cold.

    Food is a great way to make sure that you can get a few repeat visitors in your garden. Hogs eat a wide variety of things, but specialist hedgehog foods will simply taste better for the little creatures. The reason for this is that they're nutritionally complete, in most cases, and hedgehog tastebuds can sense when something is good for them.

    Hedgehogs Eat

    Garden hedgehogs eat a wide variety of things, from bugs to plant matter to some rubbish that they might stumble upon. They're not dissimilar from a wide range of different forms of garden wildlife in this sense - hedgehogs are largely scavengers and will eat what they can get.

    Hedgehog food is something that hogs popping into your garden are sure to enjoy, no matter what else they might feel like having a taste of. A great way to attract hogs to your garden and improve your overall garden wildlife is to put out hedgehog food - they'll come running for the stuff, and will certainly enjoy what you put out for them.

    Crunchy Hedgehog Food

    Hedgehogs are well known as noisy eaters, no matter what food you give them. If you give a hog wet cat food, it's commonly known that you can hear them smacking their lips as they chow down on the little chunks of meat and jelly that are up for grabs. This is a little disconcerting to think about but can be quite sweet to hear if you've been hankering to attract a hog into your garden.

    Crunchy hedgehog food is something that you'll certainly hear your little friends eating. They have some sharp little teeth and surprisingly powerful jaw muscles for a creature their size, meaning that they can quite easily munch through a little piece of crunchy hedgehog food without giving it much thought.

    Generally speaking, crunchy hedgehog food isn't that much different from dry dog food, as it has long been suggested that weoffer it to hogs. The reason for this is that the majority of a hog's diet can be similar to a dog's diet - largely protein, with a little fat and very, very little plant matter. To this end, food for hedgehogs smells and looks a little like kibble for dogs.

    When to offer food to hedgehogs?

    You can offer hedgehogs food all year long - they're very, very good at storing up fat reserves for the winter that will help them during hibernation. In the Spring, hedgehog food will be an energy boost that can help them to investigate their environment and totally understand and appreciate it. In the Summer and Autumn, the food will go into their fat reserves, working to keep them warm and living throughout the winter.

    If you are going to put out hedgehog food in the Autumn or Spring, consider placing it near to a hedgehog house. Several hedgehog charities suggest this method of caring for local hogs since it allows the hogs themselves to know that there is a safe space that they can retreat to for hibernating. This is, understandably, ideal for a little hedgehog.

    We hope that this article has given you a little peek into the world of hedgehog food. Consider picking some up today, it will really boost your ability to attract and keep hogs!