Millet Seed for Wild Birds

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    These small round seeds derived from millet grass. These seeds have a high nutritional value for birds and many species of garden birds enjoy millet seeds.

    There are different varieties of this seed, with white millet seeds and red millet being the most well known and popular and best selling - all types are a valuable source of food for birds.

    Millet Seeds are rich in carbohydrates, protein and essential nutrients so they are a great addition to a wild bird diet. These seeds are perfect for all year round feeding and can be put in seed feeders, ground feeders or bird tables - where they will be readily eaten by a number of species.

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    9 products
    White Millet
    White Millet
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    The Benefits of Millet Seed

    Millet seed is filled with nutritional value for bird, and it is a valuable addition to their diet as they are easily digestible - providing them with the energy they need to go about daily activities and ensure good health.

    These seeds are attractive to many birds, so by having them in a feeder, you'll be attracting a wide range of species into your garden - perfect for any bird watching enthusiast.

    With all of the energy and nutrients these seeds store, they are really great for year round feeding as they are part of a healthy and balanced diet for birds. They are also really great around times where birds need lots of energy, migration and breeding seasons, as they provide them with energy they can use.

    Types of Bird that Eat White Millet Seed

    Millet seeds are enjoyed by a whole range of birds, from smaller birds to larger birds - these are a snack that will be eaten quickly in your garden!

    When you put this feed out you should expect to see Finches (such as Chaffinch), House Sparrows, Reed Buntings, Collared Doves, Blackbirds, Yellow Hammers, and Cardinals.

    The Best Way to Offer Millet Seed to birds

    Another benefit of millet seeds is that it can be fed to birds in various ways.

    Seed feeders will hold millet seeds - this method is suitable if you're looking to attract Finches and Sparrows as these birds love to perch whilst they feed.

    You can also scatter millet seed onto the ground or put it on a ground feeder to attract ground feeding birds. Just make sure the area is clear of predators or debris so that it is safe for these birds.

    Bird tables are another great way to feed millet seeds - just sprinkle them onto the bird table tray and watch the birds flock around - this is a great way to attract a number of birds as there is more space for them to feed at one time.