Pre Filled Bird Feeders

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    Our range of pre filled bird feeders are the perfect way to introduce bird food and feeders into your garden for wild birds to enjoy.

    All of our pre filled bird feeders come all ready to use with bird feed already in situ, so all you have to do is find the perfect place to put them and simply hang them up ready for use.

    This is a simple and convenient way to feed garden birds, whether you are new to feeding birds or you are looking to try a new type of food, we have got the perfect range of feeders that come pre filled.

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    Once the bird feed has run out, you can refill the bird food for your feathered friends.

    Whether your looking for a sunflower heart feeder, a suet filled feeder or a pre filled seed feeder, we have got a whole range of pre filled feeders for you to check our below.

    Benefits of Using Pre Filled Bird Feeders

    If you've not got a lot of time to spend in your garden, pre filled feeders are a convenient and time saving way to provide the birds in your garden with the perfect feeding station.

    There is also a diverse range of pre filled feeders, so you can choose the feed that suits the wild bird feeding in your garden the best. Birds love a consistent and reliable food source and a pre filled feeder is the perfect way to provide this.

    How to Choose the Right Pre Filled Bird Feeder

    When choosing a pre filled feeder, there are things to consider to ensure you find the perfect one for your garden.

    Think about what birds you regularly see in your garden, or what birds you'd like to attract to the feeder - each bird has feed that attracts them so if you know what bird you want, ensure you get a pre filled feeder that is filled with a food that they love. For example, a sunflower hearts pre filled feeder would attract a range of birds include blackbirds and blue tits and a pre filled fat ball feeder would attract birds such as starlings and woodpeckers.