Stone Bird Baths

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    Enjoy watching various species of birds flock into your garden and drink and bathe with our stone bird baths. Our bird baths are a decorative outside feature that provides a source of water for all types of birds.

    From smaller birds to larger birds, our range includes various sizes, styles and designs our range of stone bird baths are suitable for all species of birds. From traditional and simple to elaborate, we have got a stone bird bath to suit every garden.

    A water source is incredibly important for birds, especially during the hot weather, which is why our stone bird bath range is great for bringing an array of birds to your garden.

    5 products
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    Ceramic Bird Bath On Pedestal Green
    Ceramic Bird Bath On Pedestal Green
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    Ceramic Bird Bath On Pedestal Cream
    Ceramic Bird Bath On Pedestal Cream
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    Ceramic Bird Bath On Pedestal Petrol
    Coniston Bird Bath
    Coniston Bird Bath
    Water is Life Bird Bath
    Water is Life Bird Bath

    Elegant stone birdbath designs for all gardens

    Elegant stone bird bath designs can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any garden while providing a welcoming spot for birds.

    From timeless designs made from natural stone to Victorian style bird baths that have intricate patterns carved into the stone, we have an option for every garden, whatever your theme.

    Easy maintenance

    A stone bird bath are relatively easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a gentle scrub and water to remove debris. The natural materials used in stone bird baths are less prone to deterioration compared to other types of bird baths.

    Attract garden birds

    Adding a fresh water bird bath is a great way to encourage all kinds of birds into your garden. Alongside this, make sure you have bird food and shelter available.

    Natural Stone Varieties

    When selecting the type of stone bird bath you want, it's essential to choose durable and non-porous materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. Here are some natural stone varieties commonly used for stone bird baths:


    Granite is durable and resistant to weathering, and available in various colors.


    Known for its porous nature, which allows for good water absorption. Comes in a range of earthy colors, adding a natural aesthetic to bird baths.


    Offers a softer and more porous alternative, available in lighter tones. Requires proper sealing to prevent water absorption and weathering.


    Exhibits a porous surface with unique pitting and cavities. Often used for a textured and rustic appearance in a bird bath.

    Tips for bird bath placement

    If possible, place your bird bath in the shade during the summer, as this helps to keep the water cool for the birds and in the sun during the winter to stop it from freezing.

    Make sure it is in a location easily visible to birds, as they can't use a bird bath they can't see!

    During the winter, a good idea is to arrange rocks and stones in the water so that the birds can perch and drink without getting wet.

    Gift idea for nature enthusiasts

    Have you got a loved one who is obsessed with nature? A stone bird bath is the perfect gift to help them enjoy wildlife in their own gardens.

    Bird baths attract a variety of bird species, providing nature enthusiasts with the opportunity to observe and enjoy the beauty of local wildlife in their own backyard.

    A bird bath also helps maintain the health and well-being of the visitors by offering them access to fresh water.

    The benefits of a stone birdbath for birds

    A bird bath offer several benefits to birds and can contribute positively to the birds well-being.

    Birds need a reliable source of water for drinking, especially during hot and dry weather. Bird baths provide a constant supply of clean water, helping birds stay hydrated.

    Also used as a place to bathe, a bird bath helps to remove dust, dirt, and parasites, keeping their plumage in good condition. Clean feathers are essential for insulation, flight, and overall health.

    Birds may use water to cool down during hot weather. Wetting their feathers can help them maintain an optimal body temperature.

    How much fresh water should be in a bird bath?

    Your bird bath should be no more than two inches full of water as birds don't like too much more than this. If your water is too deep, add some rocks that the birds can sit on.