Heavy Duty Wooden Bird Tables

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    Our heavy duty wooden bird tables are the perfect garden bird table for all weather conditions. A high quality design made from high quality materials such as strong and durable wood, our bird tables are made to maintain integrity over time and become a long lasting part of your garden furniture, the strong materials and coatings used also ensures our bird tables withstand a whole range on weather conditions.

    The large surface area of the bird feeding table, where the bird food sits, is suitable to bring a range of species to your garden. Perfect for bird watching, this bird table will allow you to see two different species at the same time in your own garden.

    With a whole range of designs from a classic design to a more elegant design, our wooden bird tables become a stunning focal point in your garden where you can attract your favourite feathered friends come to perch and grab some bird food.

    3 products
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    How will a heavy duty wooden bird table benefit the wildlife?

    A heavy duty bird table is the perfect addition to your garden, not only because of its attractive look, but also because of the many benefits it brings to local birds and wildlife.

    A bird table is a great way to provide a reliable source of food to the birds in your local area, especially during winter and the colder months to help birds maintain their energy levels. With such a large table, you are able to put out various types of bird feed, catering to a diverse range of species.

    It is important that we help with the safety of birds, and our bird feeding tables are elevated so that they reduce the risk of ground predators attacking whilst the birds eat.

    Adding a bird table to your garden setting provides the perfect garden bird watching spot all year round, even during the cold winter months when you don't want to go out of your house!

    What food goes on a wooden bird table?

    A wooden bird table can be used to offer a variety of foods to attract and nourish different garden bird species. Here are some common types of bird food suitable for placement on a wooden bird table. If you want to attract a certain species, it is important to do research and find out what they eat.

    Bird Seed Mix:

    A diverse bird seed mix that includes a variety of seeds such as sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, and safflower seeds can attract a wide range of bird species.

    Sunflower Seeds:

    Sunflower seeds are a favourite among many bird species, including finches, chickadees, and cardinals. Both black oil sunflower seeds and striped sunflower seeds are popular choices.

    Meal worms:

    Live or dried meal worms are a protein-rich food that appeals to insect-eating birds like bluebirds, robins, and warblers. They are especially popular during the breeding season.


    Fresh or dried fruits, such as apple slices, grapes, or raisins, can attract fruit-eating birds like orioles and mockingbirds. Ensure that the fruits are safe for birds and free from any pesticides.

    Do wooden bird tables attract wild birds?

    Yes, wooden bird tables are effective at attracting wild birds. These elevated platforms provide a visible and accessible feeding station for birds, offering food in a safe and elevated location.

    Genuine slate roof bird table

    Using genuine slate roof to create a stunning feature food on bird tables, our slate rood bird tables are the perfect addition as a focal point in your garden.

    The slate roof on a slate roof bird table acts as a protective barrier against the elements, keeping the bird table and the bird feed beneath it dry for the garden birds.

    Slate rood bird tables and traditional bird tables are both great ways to attract birds to your garden.

    How to keep birds safe on wooden bird tables?

    Ensuring the safety of birds on wooden bird tables involves creating an environment that minimises potential risks and provides a secure space for feeding and perching.

    We recommend choosing a well-built and stable wooden bird table. Ensure that it is securely anchored or mounted to prevent tipping, especially during bad weather or when larger birds, like Doves, land on it.

    If you can, we would always say to the perfect place to put the bird tables in the middle of large openings in your garden, this way, the predator will have to walk through an open space and will be spotted by the bird so it has time to escape.

    Attracting feathered friends

    To attract our feathered friends to our gardens and bird tables, use a variety of bird feeders to attract different bird species, offer a mix of seeds, such as sunflower seeds and keep feeders clean and regularly filled, especially during the winter months when natural food sources may be scarce.

    Sustainable wood in bird tables

    Using sustainable wood is very important to use here at The Awesome Wildlife Company which is why our stock of wooden tables are made from sustainable wood.