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    We are proud to stock a wide range of high-quality wooden bird tables, alongside other premium wildlife products such as birdbaths, bird feeders and bird food.

    Our shop includes traditional sustainable wood tables, modern metal designs, hanging bird tables and more. Our bird tables come in various heights to suit different bird species and feeding preferences.

    3 products
    Sedgebrook Bird Table
    Sedgebrook Bird Table
    Harlaxton Bird Table
    Harlaxton Bird Table
    Grey Premium Bird Table
    Grey Premium Bird Table

    What are the benefits of a bird table in your garden?

    Premium bird feeding tables are a brilliant addition to your garden if you're looking to attract local wildlife, such as blackbirds, blue tits and finches.

    Small birds come in all shapes and sizes and its one of life's great pleasures to enjoy smaller birds visiting your garden. However, many birds need extra support to find food, especially during the cold winter months, and unfortunately some species are now at risk here in the UK. As a result of an increase in urban areas, bird populations are decreasing due to depleting sources of nutrition such as berries, nuts and seeds. Large spaces of concrete prevent the natural ecosystem operating as it should, affecting the birds ability to feed.

    Therefore, adding bird feeding tables to your garden can help encourage these beautiful birds and provide them with a safe and secure place to feed away from predators which pose a risk when feeding on the ground.

    You may even find that wooden bird tables attract different animals to your garden, including squirrels who also enjoy natural food such as nuts and seeds. A bird table is a great addition to your outside space.

    You could even consider hanging a bird table from a tree or bush to provide different heights for the bird species.

    How can I attract bird species to my bird table?

    Add natural, nutritious bird food to your bird feeding table in order to attract a variety of different bird species to your garden. You can create the perfect garden sanctuary with a bird table for your feathered friends.

    You should situate your table on a stable surface on the ground - this will help stop the table from falling over. You should also position it in your garden away from any walls or fences which could be accessible to a bird predator.

    You'll soon find that your bird table is irritable to any bird!

    Buy Your Bird Feeding Table Online

    We love providing top quality products and we have many happy customers. All of our bird tables are easy to assemble and the range of wood bird tables are easy to look after and care for.

    We are pleased to offer free delivery on orders over £80. We aim to make your shopping experience with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible, and we are always here to help with any questions you may have and provide useful answers.

    Why choose the Awesome Wildlife Company for your bird table?

    Our commitment to providing high quality bird tables which are value for money is just one part of our dedication to conservation. By feeding wild birds on bird tables, you are helping to support local ecosystems and promote biodiversity in your area.

    Our premium bird tables are expertly crafted with love to provide a sturdy and safe feeding spot for wild birds. They are made from premium materials and the high quality design withstands the elements, ensuring that they will last in your garden for many years to come whilst providing value for money.

    So if you're looking for a bird table, browse our wide range of table options and discover the perfect bird table for you. Add to your basket and you'll be enjoying your bird table in no time.