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Hedgehogs - All Products

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    Welcome to The Awesome Wildlife Company's Hedgehog Products page! We are dedicated to providing top-quality products that are safe and effective for hedgehogs. We're always looking to grow our Hedgehog product range to keep these wonderful creatures cared for in your gardens.

    Hedgehog Feeders: Our hedgehog feeders are designed to keep hedgehogs well-fed and happy. They are made of durable materials and are easy to clean. We offer a variety of feeder designs, including hanging feeders and ground feeders, to suit your specific needs.

    9 products
    Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food - 2kg
    2kg I Love Hedgehogs Food
    Brambles Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food - 850g
    500g I Love Hedgehogs Food
    Wild Things Hedgehog Food 2kg
    Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food - 900g
    Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food - 400g
    Tom Chambers Hungry Hedgehog Food Blend 0.75kg
    Wildlife World Hogilo Hedgehog Home

    Hedgehog Houses: Our hedgehog houses are perfect for providing a safe and comfortable shelter for hedgehogs. Made of high-quality materials, they are durable and weather-resistant. We offer a range of sizes and designs to fit any garden or outdoor space.

    Hedgehog Feeding Stations: Our hedgehog feeding stations are designed to provide a safe and secure feeding environment for hedgehogs. They are easy to use and can help to prevent other animals from stealing hedgehog food. Our feeding stations are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

    Hedgehog Food: We offer a range of hedgehog food that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of hedgehogs. Our food is made from high-quality ingredients that are safe and healthy for hedgehogs. We also offer a range of treats and supplements that can help to keep hedgehogs healthy and happy.

    At The Awesome Wildlife Company, we are committed to providing high-quality products that are safe and effective for hedgehogs. We understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for hedgehogs and we are dedicated to helping you achieve this.

    Whether you are looking for hedgehog feeders, hedgehog houses, hedgehog feeding stations, or hedgehog food, we have everything you need to care for your hedgehog. Shop with us today and discover why we are the go-to source for hedgehog products!