Squirrel Feeders & Feeding Stations

Squirrel Feeders & Feeding Stations

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    Squirrels are a popular garden visitor in the UK, and sometimes they can steal food from other wildlife such as birds. The best way to help Squirrels out is to provide them with their own supply of food.

    Our Squirrel feeders and feeding stations are durable and easy to use and will allow Squirrels to safely access food, whilst also encouraging them to sop damaging bird feeders.

    With a hinged lid that the Squirrel can lift up and access food, our wide range of Squirrel feeding stations will keep be highly entertaining for Squirrels and allow them to co exist with other wildlife in your garden.

    2 products
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    Why should I have a Squirrel feeding station?

    Squirrels are natural foragers, and by providing them with a dedicated feeding area, you may reduce their interest in digging up your garden and stealing food. This can help protect the other species in your garden.

    Squirrel feeding stations provide an opportunity to observe and enjoy the playful and entertaining behaviour of squirrels. It's a simple way to connect with nature and appreciate the wildlife in your area.

    Where should I put my Squirrel feeder?

    Give Squirrels their own space and place your Squirrel feeder in a spot away from your bird feeders. This way, they will be much less tempted to use the bird feeder.

    The perfect height for a squirrel feeder is about five feet from the ground or by a tree to provide an escape route, and if you like watching animals have fun, be sure to put your Squirrel feeder somewhere viable as they are very entertaining to watch.

    What do Squirrels eat?

    In the natural, Squirrels diet mostly contains seeds, nuts and fruits. But they are omnivore and eat both plants and animals.

    In your Squirrel feeder be sure to include a wide variety of squirrel food such as seeds and nuts; make sure you keep the supply of these topped up as throughout the spring Squirrels will take extra food to bury for the winter months. Don't worry, Squirrels have a brilliant sense of smell and will be able to find the site they buried this food in the future!

    You can also add fruits, vegetables and Squirrel food to the feeder.

    You can buy Squirrel food and nuts to fill up the feeders with delicious food the Squirrel will enjoy!

    How to keep Squirrels away from bird feeders?

    There are a few simple ways to keep Squirrels away from bird feeders, one way is to invest in a Squirrel feeder. If the Squirrel has it's own food, it should leave the bird food alone, just be sure to put the Squirrel feeder as far away from the bird feeder as possible.

    Another trick is to put your bird feeder as high as possible in your gardens. All birds can fly so if you can put the feeder high enough that the Squirrel can't reach it, you're winning.

    You could also switch to using a caged bird feeder in your wildlife garden, with gaps wide enough to allow small birds, the Squirrels are kept out and can't go about eating all of the bird food.

    How to clean my Squirrel feeding station?

    To clean your Squirrel feeders empty out the old squirrel food every couple of days and before you put in the new food, wash out the feeder with hot water and soap to stop bacteria building up and clean out the rest of the old food. Then go ahead and put fresh treats in for the Squirrels.