Peanut Butter Bird Feeder, Peanut Butter for Birds

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    Peanut Butter bird feeders for birds are designed to house jars of peanut butter in a safe and easy way for birds to enjoy bird peanut butter. These feeding stations attract wild birds by offering bird foods that birds love.

    All year round, bird peanut butter is a source of nutrition for birds and can help them on high energy journeys such as migration or breeding season. By offering nutritious food options like peanut butter, bird feeders can contribute to the overall health and well being of wild bird populations, supporting their immune systems and aiding in reproduction and survival.

    Please note that birds should not be fed human peanut butter as this is unsafe for them. All of our peanut butter is safe for birds to eat.

    4 products
    Old Wood Peanut Butter Jar Feeder
    Old Wood Peanut Butter Jar Feeder
    Peanut Butter Feeder With Zinc Roof
    Peanut Butter Feeder With Zinc Roof
    Peanut Butter Trio for Wild Birds
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    Peanut Butter For Wild Birds

    Choosing the Right Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Feeder

    When choosing an Awesome Wildlife Company peanut butter for birds, opt for the bird safe peanut butter a this is perfect for birds to consume and can be placed on a range of surfaces, or fits in our peanut butter feeder with a perch.

    Our feeders minimise wastage and are the perfect addition to any wildlife garden.

    When hanging feeders, ensure they are placed in locations accessible to birds but out of reach of predators like squirrels. Proper placement and maintenance of peanut butter feeders enhance their effectiveness in attracting and providing essential nutrition to garden birds - these feeders can be attached to strong tree branches, fences or walls.

    Attracting Garden Birds with Peanut Butter Feeders

    If you're looking to attract a wide range of bird species into your outside space, peanut butter for birds and peanut butter feeders are the best addition to your garden.

    Various types of garden birds are attracted to peanut butter, including smaller birds such as Chickadees, Nuthatches, and larger birds like Woodpeckers.

    Understanding the preferences of different bird species can help tailor your feeding station to cater to their needs. For instance, some birds may prefer smoother peanut butter spread on surfaces like pine cones, while others small birds prefer feeder jars in a feeder specially designed to hold the jar, with attached perches.

    Is Peanut Butter Safe for Birds

    Peanut butter can be safe for birds, but it's important to ensure it's pure, unsalted, and free from additives like sugar or artificial sweeteners. Human peanut butter often contains added salt and sugar, which can be harmful to birds.

    Therefore, if you're offering peanut butter to birds, it's best to use specifically formulated bird safe peanut butter or ensure that the peanut butter you provide is free from harmful additives.