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    If you're looking to attract garden birds and other wild birds into your garden or outside space, having the correct bird food in situ could mean that you encourage a wide selection of species.

    Different birds prefer different types of food, from blue tits through to sparrows and everything in-between. As a result, its important to do your research and ensure you understand what bird seed mixes suit your environment best.

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we've worked hard to develop a range of high quality bird food, seed mix and bird feeders which we know that birds love.

    Our seed mixes include everything from sunflower hearts, mealworms and other nuts to ensure that you are providing all the birds in your garden with a nutritious and tasty food source. This is particularly important over the colder months when it is often more difficult for birds to find their own food.

    Our seed and seed mixes are hand selected for their quality, meaning you can reduce the risk of waste. Plus to ensure the seeds don't germinate when they fall on the ground, we offer a range of products which do not cause weed growth in the garden, yet still provide all the nutritional qualities garden birds need.

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    How can wild bird feed attract garden birds into my garden?

    Bird seed is a firm favourite of many different species of wild bird. As a result, feeding them specialist food can help encourage different types of bird into your garden. In the wild, birds will eat vast selection of different food types, including berries, seeds, nuts and insects. However, depending on the time of the year, some of these food sources can be difficult for birds to find.

    As a result, in order to protect the natural wildlife we find here in the UK, many people put out wild bird seed mixes on bird tables or in bird feeders in order to provide the nourishment these animals need all year round.

    The team at the Awesome Wildlife Company has tried and tested many different brands of bird seed mix to ensure that we provide the highest quality items in our online shop for our customers. Its not just bird food which we offer - our entire range is made up of high quality products sourced from reputable suppliers and trusted farm organisations, meaning that whatever your purchase and add to basket, you and be rest assured of its quality.


    Why do garden birds enjoy wild bird food?

    Adding seeds to your bird feeder or bird table means that you are providing a nutritionally balanced meal which birds love.

    Bird food put out in gardens means that it is easy pickings for our feather friends, reducing their reliance on hunting and searching for food in the wild. As a result, you are helping their populations to flourish because bird food in the wild is becoming increasingly scarce.

    Why chose the Awesome Wildlife Company for your wild bird food?

    Chosing wild bird seed mix which small birds love is what we are passionate about. From sunflower hearts, oats and peanuts, through to berries and dried fruits, our wild bird seed offers an eclectic mix of flavours and ingredients.

    With a passion for the environment and protecting the eco systems found here in the UK, the Awesome Wildlife Company was founded on a dedication to high quality, natural products for the garden.

    Our stock is hand selected by our expect team who are all interested in looking after our planet, so you can be rest assured that you'll find only the best feeding options which birds enjoy on our website.

    Our range of bird seed mix provides many benefits to different species of birds, including blue tits, robins, wood pigeons and sparrows. Many of our seed mixes come from specialist farm suppliers who grow and products the seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts found in our products right here in the UK.

    We offer many different types of wild bird food to ensure that we cover the different tastes and nutritional requirements of our wildlife.

    Seed and mixes come in a variety of different types which is also suited for different species. You can find the different types by browsing our website and viewing the different grid items across this page.

    Plus, with any order over £50, customers can enjoy free delivery to their home and we often have other special offers available on our shop. Remember when you add to basket to see how much you have in there and whether you qualify for free delivery.


    How can I order from the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    Ordering your wild bird seed mix from the Awesome Wildlife Company store couldn't be easier. Our website is easy to use if you have a modern browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and our site is quick and responsive. We would always recommend that you view our website with a more modern browser to ensure you have the best possible experience and ensure that our website works correctly.

    We also have the added benefit of a basket view so you can see what products you are adding to your order to avoid any waste.

    We are committed to preventing cyber crime and use the latest technologies to prevent this on our shop. Therefore we always aim to keep our customers data safe.


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    If you would like to find out more about our range of bird food, feeders and other wildlife products, please do not hesitate to get on touch. Even if you have a question about feeding wild birds in your garden, or would like to find out more about the different type of seed, our expert team is always happy to help and advise you on the best seed mixes.

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