Hanging Bird Baths

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    If you're looking for a unique way to invite nature into your garden, look no further than our range of hanging bird baths.

    Our hanging bird baths come in a range of sizes, materials and styles and are perfect for being hung from a branch or hook to give the birds an elevated bathing experience.

    Ideal for small, limited space gardens, our bird baths hang out of the way and can complement the design of a garden perfectly.

    With fresh water, our bird baths attract a whole range of garden birds, making them the perfect gift for any nature lover.

    1 product
    Bird Bath Hanging (gift Box)
    Bird Bath Hanging (gift Box)

    The benefits of a hanging bird bath?

    Our hanging bird baths come with a range of benefits for the birds and the bird watchers.

    With our bird baths being elevated, they take up a lot less space, so if you have a smaller garden and don't have the space for a stone bird bath or bird tables, a hanging bird bath is the perfect way to attract birds to your garden without taking up too much space.

    They are also perfect for increasing the safety of the birds in your garden as it is more challenging for ground predators to access.

    With more flexibility with placement, you can pop a hanging bird bath within perfect view of your windows so you can watch your garden birds splash around in and drink the fresh water you have provided.

    Attracting feathered friends

    Attracting garden birds to your outdoor space can be a rewarding experience and it is so easy with a hanging bird bath.

    With fresh cool water being an important part of a birds life, a reliable water source will keep the birds coming back for more.

    How deep should the water in a bird bath be?

    The water in a bird bath should be no more than two inches deep in the middle of the bath.

    The best spot for a hanging birth bath

    The best place for a hanging bird bath would be on branch in a tree that can be easily accessed. This gives the bird a safe place to retreat if they are scared and also keeps the water cool during the hotter months.

    How to stop water from freezing in a hanging bird bath?

    There are a few ways to help stop water from freezing in a bird bath during the winter. We would recommend trying to place the bird bath in a location that receives a large amount of sunlight throughout the day.

    If this is not possible, you can also add objects into your bird bath to break up the water and it is essential to keep the bird bath as full as possible as this helps to prevent freezing.

    How to ensure birds are safe?

    Ensure the bird bath is stable and secure and place it in a sheltered spot away from harsh winds.

    If you are placing your bird bath in a tree, it is important to remember to check to see if the branches are strong enough for cats to hide out it. If so, this is not a safe spot for your bird bath.