Swallow Nest Boxes

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    Swallows are small birds with dark and glossy blue backs. As soon as they arrive in the UK for breeding season, they only have one thing on their minds: finding a sustainable place to nest. 

    Widespread across the Northern Hemisphere, the Swallows nests tend to be on ledges in farm buildings and outbuildings and can sometimes be found in unlikely spots such as a ledge in a porch. 

    Our Swallow Nest boxes are the perfect way to give these small birds a safe place to nest and raise their young. Designed with an open top to replicate a Swallow's nest site, these nest boxes are made to give Swallows a secure place to nest, especially as natural nesting spots are becoming scarce. 

    Browse our whole range of Swallow nests to pick one that is perfect for your garden. 

    1 product
    Swallow Nesting Bowl
    Swallow Nesting Bowl

    Where to place your Swallow nest box or nest cups?

    Swallow nests should be located inside a building that allows easy access for the birds, this could be through a window or window to encourage Swallows to use this site. As a result of natural nesting sites, the Swallow population has declined since 1970.

    If you have invested in more than one nest box, don’t place them too close together. It is recommended that you leave a minimum distance of at least one metre in between each box to allow the Swallows space to nest. Above the nest cup, leave at least 6 cm of free space to attract swallows. Easily fix our Swallow nest boxes to a wall by using screws to secure it in place. 

    Ensure there are suitable materials near where you place the Swallow Nest Box. For example, there should be suitable nest building mud.

    It's also important to place it in an area near the Swallows food source of flying insects.

    Are Swallows likely to use a nest box?

    With the right design and placement, Swallows will readily use nest boxes that are sited inside. Especially with the decline in suitable locations to nest. 

    Swallows are sociable birds, so it is important to invest in more than one nest box.

    When do Swallows nest in the UK?

    Similar to House Martins, Swallows return to the UK in the spring ready for breeding season! This is usually around the end of  March, but can be earlier depending on where you are in the UK. 

    How to clean a Swallow nest box?

    To clean a Swallow nest box use a stiff bristled brush to clean out any debris and then pour boiling water in it to clean it out. 

    When cleaning, be careful to not do it around the breeding season.