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    Bee hotels and bee houses are a rewarding addition to any garden space, and can help encourage bees to visit your property during the spring and summer months.

    Some species of bees are critically endangered, so by adding a bee hotel or bee house could help support many bee species and bee activity in your local area.

    At The Awesome Wildlife Company we're passionate about only offering the highest quality wildlife products, including our range of bee houses and bee hotels.

    6 products
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    Solitary Bee Houses, Homes & Boxes For Gardens UK

    Bee houses are ideal for solitary bees who are looking for somewhere safe, warm and sheltered to rest, reproduce and hibernate. Different species of solitary bees are cavity nesting solitary bees, which means that they create nests in small holes in dead wood, bamboo canes or hollow stems.

    Bee houses are designed to protect solitary bees from the elements and are usually constructed out of wood with a range of different sized bamboo tubes. The bamboo tubes provide a cosy space for a bee to nest, lay eggs and produce bee larva.

    You should look for a bee house which has a small overhang or roof on top of it. This will provide extra protection and shelter for the bees , their larvae, eggs and their nests.

    Where should I put my bee house?

    If you would like to encourage bees visiting your garden, there are a few things to bear in mind when positioning your bee house or bee hotel.

    See below for a step by step guide to positioning your bee houses in the right location:

    1. Many species require a certain location in the garden in order to create an optimal habitat for them to nest in. This includes ensuring that the bee house is facing south so that it is in a sunny position throughout the year.
    2. Your bee house should be positioned around chest height, and attached to a tree, wall or fence using drilled holes. This helps to ensure that it is firmly fixed to the surface and doesn't run the risk of being blown away or affected by the weather.
    3. Position your bee house in an area of your garden which isn't affected by the wind and is away from birds which could be a predator when the bees emerge after they've laid their eggs in the nest cell.
    4. Ensure there is plentiful vegetation and plants for the needs to get pollen and nectar from.

    Welcome solitary bees into your garden

    Solitary bees such as the leafcutter bee, red mason bee and blue mason bee are some of the most endangered wild bees here in the UK. By welcoming many solitary bees into your outside space by installing a bee hotel, you can help support these animals throughout the year, even in winter.

    A bee hotel or box made from untreated timber and located in full sun provides everything that a solitary bee needs to survive and reproduce. Nesting tubes provide the ideal nest cells, mimicking hollow stems which a solitary bee would lay their eggs in and support their larvae.

    Why build a bee hotel?

    Bees are an endangered invertebrate here in the UK, with many bees including honey bees and bumblebees at risk of becoming extinct.

    Bee populations are at risk as a result of human activity - over the years we've created urban environments and sterile outside spaces which impact on the bees ability to feed and reproduce. We also use many chemicals and harsh products such as insecticides in our outdoor spaces which ultimately poisons different invertebrates such as bees.

    Some solitary bees actually live in the ground and create nests in holes in the mud and in areas of short grass, such as the red mason bee or leafcutter bees.

    A bee hotel or box can attract these beautiful animals into your outside space - some may even create a nest in your bee hotel using mud they've gathered from the ground. You may even find that a solitary bee, such as a mason bee, able to raise larvae in your bee hotel - what an amazing way to support the eco system right here in the UK.


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