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    Wildlife is amazing and we know how important it is to encourage all aspects of the environment into your garden, many people focus on investing in garden features for birds, but bug hotels are an important part of keeping a varied environment in your garden.

    Our wide range of insect hotels and bug houses are the perfect way to create an inviting space in your garden for insects and bugs. Carefully made with specifically designed holes and tubes, insect hotels are nest boxes for nesting bees, butterflies, and many other different insects.

    This shelter for various creepy crawlies serves as a perfect place for breeding. The holes and tubes replicate breeding burrows. With a whole range of shapes and sizes, we have a bug house and insect hotels for every garden.

    4 products
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    Butterfly House In Giftbox
    Ladybird & Insect Lodge

    What are insect hotels and bug hotels so important?

    Insect hotels and bug houses are incredibly important and there are a few main reasons. With the loss of natural habitats, bug houses create a habitat where insects can continue to thrive and survive, it also gives insects a safe place to hide from predators and to raise their young.

    Insects and bugs and super important when it comes to maintaining a healthy eco system in your garden. Bug houses will bring pollinating bugs, such as solitary bees, to your back garden to pollinate your plants.

    For those little ones in your family, bug houses and hotels provide a way to get closer to nature! Kids love keeping an eye on how these ecosystems develop and it's great to get them outdoors.

    What is an insect house and a bug house?

    A bug hotel is a man made structure create to provide shelter for insects and bugs, giving them a safe space to live, rest and nest.

    The crevices and holes provide the perfect space for the insects to raise their young and protect themselves from predator animals.

    There are a whole range of different insect houses on offer and each on caters to a range of purposes, including what insect you would like to attract, for example a bee house will be designed specific to bees.

    How to attract insects?

    To attract insects to your bug hotel stuff the sections with a range of natural materials, such as dry leaves, pine cones and twigs. This material will create a warm and dry space for bugs, like bees, to hang out.

    Make sure there is a water source near your bug house as most insects require water to survive, it is also important that they can find a food source in your garden as they are only going to stay if they can eat.

    If you want to attract a specific insect, you may need to be more specific with how you set up your bug hotel. For example, if you want to attract ladybirds place your house near plants that attract them, like Yarrow. To ensure you have this certain species in your house, you could always purchase frozen ladybirds larvae to give yourself a head start.

    What kind of insects will bug hotels and insect hotel attract?

    Insect hotels will attract a whole array of bugs, including bees, woodlice, butterflies, spiders, solitary wasps and ladybirds and many other insects. If you're lucky, you may even spot frogs or hedgehogs coming to stay.

    How to look after my bug hotel?

    Sometimes, a little spring clean is needed to get the bug house ready for the summer. They are fairly low maintenance and easy to clean: just get an old dust pan and brush and use the brush to remove any dirt or cobwebs. Remember to be careful as there may still be little bugs living in your hotel!

    After a few seasons of use, it is recommended to replace your bug house.

    Where is the best place to put my insect house and bug hotel?

    Go out into your garden and find the darkest and shadiest spot that has lots of cover, as you don't want your insect hotel getting wet. Make sure you're not in a spot where there isn't going to be many predators and fix the box firmly to a tree or fence.

    If you're looking to attract solitary bees, hang your bee house south facing in the sun as bees need an average temperature of 17 degrees.

    Is a bug hotel made of natural materials?

    All of our bug hotels are made of high quality materials, such as bamboo and wooden pallets, to ensure the bugs are safe, cosy and protected from the rain.

    When will bugs use a bug hotel and insect hotel?

    Insects will come and go in your insect hotel but here's a little guide on who to expect and when.

    Ladybirds will come to the hotel in the winter to hibernate, solitary bees will lay eggs in the bug hotel in the spring and summer, and other insects and invertebrates will be spotted all year round, so make sure your insect hotel is stocked up with pine cones, dry leaves and other natural materials all year round.

    Unique presents for nature lovers

    Our bug hotels and houses make the perfect, thoughtful gifts for those who cherish the environment. Our bug hotels are not just unique; they are beautifully crafted pieces that merge aesthetics with purpose. Each detail is designed to not only please the eye but to contribute positively to the environment.

    Whether they want to see more bees or spiders in their garden, we have a whole range of bug houses that are perfect for a range of insects and gardens!