Black Sunflower Seeds For Birds

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    Our range of black sunflower seeds consists of sunflower seeds with solid black shells. Packed with essential nutrients, our black sunflower seeds are a nutritious food source for wild garden birds like finches and sparrows.

    Black sunflower seeds boast high oil content, providing birds with a dense source of energy crucial for maintaining health, especially during cold winter months. They are equally beneficial during periods of high energy demand, such as breeding season.

    Birds love black sunflower seeds, so browse our range below!

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    Nutritional Value for Wild Birds

    Black sunflower seeds are full of nutritional value for birds. These seeds are high in oil which means they are also high in calories, for wild birds, this means extra fuel to maintain their body temperature and sustain energy in periods where they are busy or the weather is cold.

    They are also a really great source of protein for birds and this is important for birds muscle development, feather health and growth. High levels of protein are also crucial for young birds during their fledgling stage.

    A Black Sunflower seed is also high in fatty acids, these acids help to support the birds immune function!

    What Garden Birds will Black Sunflower Seed attract?

    The nutritional value and accessibility make good quality black sunflower seed mixes attractive to a wide range garden wildlife.

    Species such as goldfinches, house finches, and purple finches are particularly fond of black sunflower seeds. Their small size and pointed bills make it easy for them to extract the seeds from feeders.

    House sparrows and white-throated sparrows are frequent visitors to feeders filled with black sunflower seeds. They enjoy cracking open the shells to access the nutritious kernels inside.

    Chickadees are energetic birds that readily consume black sunflower seeds. They are known for their acrobatic feeding behaviours, often flitting in and out of feeders.

    Feeding Recommendations

    We recommend using specific seed feeders to feed black sunflower seeds to birds. This provides birds with easy access to the seeds whilst also protecting the bird food from moisture.

    When picking the location for your seed feeders and bird feeders, find a spot that is quiet and safe. If you have an area where there is trees and shrubs in your garden, this is a great spot to put your feeder.

    Throughout the week, try to regularly replenish the food as birds love fresh seeds.

    Storage of Black Sunflower Seed

    To ensure you get great value for money out of your bird seed, it is important to store black sunflower seeds in the correct way.

    It's essential to store your black sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts in a cool and dry location to maintain their freshness and quality. Exposure to moisture can lead to mold growth and spoilage, rendering the seeds unfit for the birds.

    Use airtight containers or resealable bags to store unused seeds and keep seeds away from direct sunlight, as exposure to UV rays can degrade their quality over time.

    We also recommend, if you have a wide range of seeds, to rotate your stock regularly, using older seeds first to ensure the seed remains fresh for the birds.

    Why choose the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    Wildlife holds a special place in our hearts, which is why, as a family business, we are committed to offering only the best for our feathered friends. Our dedication is shown in our selection of black sunflower seeds, where quality and value is super important.

    We understand the importance of providing high quality nourishment to the birds in our gardens. That's why we take pride in stocking black sunflower seeds known for their exceptional nutritional benefits. These seeds are not only a favourite among smaller birds but also contribute to the overall health and vitality of many garden birds.