Bird Ground Feeders & Ground Feeder Cages

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    If you're looking to create a welcoming environment for all birds, it is important to have a ground feeder in your garden because they are tailored to suit the feeding requirements of a whole range of wild birds.

    Alongside our ground bird feeders we have a whole range of ground bird feeder cages to help protect the feeder and birds from ground predators - ensure the food source you provide is a safe space for all ground feeding birds.

    By installing our ground feeders and feeder cages, you're catering to the feeding needs of various bird species and creating a protected environment where they can feed and thrive without fear of predators. Made from hard wearing and durable materials, these feeders will withstand harsh weather conditions and will offer a reliable food source for our feathered friends.

    Explore our full range of versatile bird feeding solutions below.

    3 products
    Heritage Ground feeder
    Heritage Ground Feeder
    Essential Ground Feeder
    Essential Ground Feeder
    Spalding Ground Table
    Spalding Ground Table

    The Features of Ground Bird Feeders

    Ground feeders are designed to be placed on the ground, or on low platforms, making them easily accessible to all bird species. The large and open feeding tray, similar to bird tables, allows multiple birds to feed at one time and because the feeder is a tray, it accommodates a whole range of bird foods including bird seed mixes, suet pellets, live mealworms and a lot more!

    Our range of bird feeders have a removable tray to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. With a range of aesthetic designs, our ground bird feeders will complement a whole range of gardens.

    Which Garden Birds are Ground Feeders

    If you put out a bird ground feeder, you will attract a whole range of bird species including the Collared Dove, Blackbird, the Chaffinch, the House Sparrow and so many more local birds.

    What Food is Best for Bird Ground Feeders and Cages

    It is important to feed ground feeding birds bird food that is nutritionally beneficial and to cater to a whole range of these birds, it is great if you have a whole range of all the food for birds.

    A quality mix of seeds including sunflower hearts, cracked corn and millet is a great way to attract a variety of birds to your ground feeder.

    During the colder months, add a high energy option such as suet cakes or suet pellets. This will be especially attractive to insect eating birds and will help them survive throughout the winter.

    Live or dried mealworms are a really great source of protein, so they are a favourite amongst many birds including Robins.

    How to Protect Ground Feeding Birds from predators

    Install one of our ground feeder cages around your feeding station. This creates a physical barrier between the ground feeding birds and predators such as domestic cats. These cages allow access to smaller birds but keep out larger predators.

    The Best Place to Put A Ground Feeder

    Place the ground feeder in an open area of your yard or garden with clear lines of sight. This allows birds to spot potential predators and provides them with a sense of security while feeding.

    While an open area is important, ensure that there is nearby natural cover such as shrubs, bushes, or trees. This gives birds a place to retreat to if they feel threatened while feeding. However, avoid placing the feeder directly under dense vegetation or near thick bushes, as these areas can conceal predators and make it easier for them to ambush unsuspecting birds.