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    Our Squirrels product page has everything you need to look after the Squirrels in your garden. With a wide range of Squirrel Food, Squirrel Feeders and Squirrel Nest Boxes, we have all of the products you need to welcome the Squirrel species into your garden and create a space where they can thrive.

    If you're interested in watching these funny Red Squirrels or Grey Squirrels bounce around your garden - our products will create a space that is perfect for them to create a home in.

    Whether you are putting up a nest box so that they can raise their baby Squirrels or giving them their own feeding station so that they leave the bird feeders alone, there is an Awesome Wildlife Company product for you.

    Check out our range of Squirrel products below and treat a Squirrel family in your garden.

    4 products
    Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food
    Craftsman Squirrel Feeder
    Red Squirrel Nest Box
    Squirrel Feeder