Window Bird Feeder

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    Designed to be easily attached to any window, our window bird feeders provide an opportunity to observe garden birds up close, offering you a front row seat to feeding birds.

    With a diverse range of designs tailored to accommodate different feeds and species of birds, there's something for everyone.

    All of our window feeders are transparent, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting spectacle of feeding birds without any obstructions. Made from high quality, clear materials, our feeders ensure that nothing comes between you and the sight of your feathered friends.

    Ideal for gardens of all sizes, our window bird feeders offer an accessible and convenient way to attract and observe birds.

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    4 products
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    The benefits of a window bird feeder

    With a window feeder, you can get an up close view of feeding birds from your own home - so even if the weather is a bit rubbish, you'll still be able to feel close to nature!

    If you have a small space, with no where to put a bird table or standing bird feeder, a window bird feeder will allow you to provide birds with much needed food whilst also not taking up any space, and if you've got children, it provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about nature.

    How to attach my window feeder to my window

    Attaching your window feeder to your window is a straightforward process. Here's a guide:

    Clean the Window: Before attaching the feeder, ensure that the windows surface is clean and free of any dirt, dust, or residue. Use a mild window cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the area where you plan to attach the feeder.

    Select a Suitable Location: Choose a location for your window feeder that offers a clear view from inside your home and is easily accessible for birds. Avoid placing the feeder too close to large trees or bushes, as this may make it easier for predators to ambush young birds.

    Attach Suction Cups: Most window feeders come with suction cups for easy attachment to the window. Wet the suction cups with water to help create a better seal. Press the suction cups firmly against the window, ensuring they are securely attached.

    Position the Feeder: Once the suction cups are in place, carefully position the feeder on the window so that it sits securely against the glass. Press down gently to ensure a tight seal between the feeder and the window surface.

    Test the Stability: Give the feeder a gentle tug to ensure that it is securely attached to the window. If the feeder feels loose or unstable, reposition the suction cups and try again.

    Fill the Feeder: Once the feeder is securely attached to the window, fill it with birdseed, peanuts for birds, mealworms, suet, or other bird friendly foods. Be sure to keep the feeder well stocked to attract and feed visiting birds.

    Which Birds Will Visit My Window Feeder?

    Many birds will be attracted to a window bird feeder, but you can definitely expect to see small birds like Robins, Wrens and Blue Tits.

    The type of birds you attract is also dependent on the seed mixes and bird food you use, so if you want to encourage birds such as Blackbirds, fill the window feeder up with their favourite type of food!

    How to Clean and Maintain Your Window Bird Feeder

    To help attract birds to your window bird feeder, keep it clean and regularly top up the food so it is a reliable source of food, if the food isn't being topped up, birds will find food else where!

    To clean it, remove the feeder from the window and clean it with a small amount of disinfectant and allow the feeder to dry fully before reattaching it.