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    Bird watching has become a popular hobby for many people who appreciate the beauty and charm of these fascinating creatures. If you're one of these bird enthusiasts, you can create a wonderful bird-friendly environment in your outside space by installing free standing bird tables. Standing bird tables are an excellent way to provide food, shelter and water to small birds, making your garden an attractive location for them to visit.

    At The Awesome Wildlife Company, we offer many free standing bird tables, both traditional in style or more modern, with prices ranging from £30 to £200. Whether you're looking for a simple bird feeder or a more elaborate design, we have the perfect bird table for you. Our free standing bird tables are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable, sturdy and long-lasting. Additionally, we ensure that our stock is of the highest quality including being construed with wood which has an anti bacterial coating.

    6 products
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    Why a Standing Bird Table is a Must-Have for Your Outside Area

    Provides a Safe Place for Birds to Eat

    Standing bird tables offer a safe and secure place for larger birds and smaller birds to eat with their unique feeding platform. Many of our feathered friends eat food which has fallen on the ground, and therefore they are often vulnerable to predators such as cats when they're feeding. A standing bird table will attract birds by offering a raised platform that keeps birds safe from ground-level predators while they eat.

    Encourages a variety of Birds to Visit Your Property

    Bird tables are a great way to encourage a variety of birds to visit your property. Different birds have different feeding preferences, and a bird table can provide a place for each bird to find the food they like best. Whether you prefer to attract brightly coloured birds like the blue tit or more unusual birds like the woodpecker, a bird table is an ideal way to attract different birds to your garden.

    Provides a Source of Food for Birds During Winter

    Small birds need to eat throughout the seasons, but during the winter, food can be scarce. A standing bird table provides a vital source of food for birds during the winter months, helping them to survive and thrive. By providing food, you can help small birds to survive the harsh winter months and enjoy the beauty of wild birds in your garden all year.

    Looks Beautiful

    Our bird tables come in a range of styles, from classic wood designs to more modern, contemporary styles with different roof styles and a feeding platform. Whichever design you choose, a standing bird table is sure to make a beautiful addition to your garden.

    Easy to Clean and Maintain

    Bird tables can be easily cleaned and maintained, ensuring that they provide a safe and hygienic place for wildlife to feed from. Most bird tables are made from materials that are weather-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in any type of weather. They should also be constructed using treated wood for safety.

    Tips for Choosing the Perfect Standing Bird Table

    Consider the Size and Shape of Outside Area

    When choosing a standing bird table, it's important to consider the size and shape of your outside area. If you have a large space, you may want to choose a larger bird table, while a small garden may require a smaller bird table. The shape of your garden may also impact your decision, as some bird tables may be more suitable for certain types of gardens.

    Choose a Durable Material

    Bird tables are exposed to the elements all year round, so it's important to choose a durable material. Hand built wooden bird tables are a classic choice, but they may not be as durable as other materials. If you want a wooden bird table, find one which is made from fsc certified timber. If you're looking for a more durable bird table, consider one made from metal or plastic.

    Consider the Feeding Preferences of WhatYou Want to Attract

    Different UK birds have different feeding preferences, so it's important to consider the types of small birds you want to attract when choosing a bird table. Some animals, such as blackbirds, prefer seeds and nuts, while others prefer suet or fruits. If you're unsure what wildlife you want to attract, choose a bird table that offers a variety of food options to appeal to a range of birds. You may also find you attract other animals such as squirrels depending on feed you leave in your feeders.

    Look for a Sturdy Design

    A sturdy design is important for a standing bird table, as it will ensure that the table stays in place and does not topple over in windy weather. Look for bird tables that have a big base and sturdy legs, as these will provide the stability that the table needs. You could also look at securing the base to the floor.

    Choose a Weather-Resistant Design

    Bird tables are exposed to the elements all year round, so it's important to choose a weather-resistant, strong design. Look for bird tables that are made from weather-resistant materials, such as metal or plastic, and that have a weather-resistant finish.

    At The Awesome Wildlife Company, we offer a wide range of standing bird tables to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for a classic wooden bird table or a more contemporary design, we have the perfect bird table for you. Our bird tables are made from high-quality, strong materials and are designed to last, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of wild birds in your garden for years to come.

    So why not treat yourself and your garden to free standing bird tables from our shop today? With our range of bird tables, including a small hanging bird table options, you're sure to find the best bird table to suit your needs and price point. Start attracting a wide range of birds to your garden and enjoy the beauty and charm of these fascinating creatures.