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    The Awesome Wildlife company offers a wide range of wild bird peanuts and feeders which are suitable for all types of bird species. From fat balls to pre filled feeders, our expensive range of products only contains the highest quality ingredients so you can be rest assured that you're providing bird food that our feathered friends will love.

    9 products
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    What are the nutritional benefits of bird peanuts?

    Peanuts are grown in warm climates such as in South America and Africa, however that doesn't mean that British birds can't enjoy them too!

    As with most forms of nut, peanuts offer a fantastic form of energy and calories for birds as well as humans thanks to their high fat content. They also provide many benefits to our feathered friends.

    This animal feed is full of nutrients for all species of smaller birds and garden birds, and they can eat peanuts throughout the year. In fact, bird peanuts are particularly beneficial in autumn and winter as they can provide a food source which can be stored to be eaten at a later date.

    Whole peanuts can be popped in bird feeders in the garden or within your outside space, and they can also be found in seed mixes and fat balls. If your bird food contains peanuts you can be sure that you're offering a wild bird a nutritional treat.

    How can I feed birds some peanuts?

    Its really simple to start feeding birds peanuts. Whether you have lots of outside space in the garden with your very own bird feeders and bird table, or you have a smaller space such as a balcony, peanuts are great for all species.

    Including whole peanuts or peanut granules in your bird feeding schedule provides additional nutrients, which can also be particularly important during breeding season or during the autumn and winter months.

    This type of food is also a great option to feed birds as they provide a good value, quality food source which is rich in nutritional benefits for all types of garden birds.

    How can I attract more species of wild bird into my garden?

    One of the best ways of attracting garden birds into your garden is to provide high quality food which birds enjoy eating. From blue tits and great tits through to the humble wood pigeon, whole nuts such as bird food peanuts.

    A pre filled feeder from the Awesome Wildlife Company will include excellent quality peanuts so you can ensure that you're providing high nutritional feed which the birds eat.

    Peanuts for birds can also be found on our general food pages across our website, so you can mix and match the bird food your provide for wild birds in your outside space. So if you're looking to buy peanuts you've come to the right place.

    Our bird feeder range is also extensive, so you can find the ideal container for your peanuts at the best price available.

    Why purchase wild bird peanuts from the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we're passionate about offering only the highest quality products to our customers, including our range of wild bird peanuts.

    Feeding peanuts to birds is a fantastic way of playing your part in supporting your local ecology and habitats. Birds eating peanuts can benefit from many things and at the Awesome Wildlife Company our shop only stocks great quality items at great value and the best prices.

    Peanuts are an excellent food source, and we offer a wide range in our store and all our peanuts are quality controlled for excellence.

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    There is a wide array of different types of bird food that wild birds and garden birds enjoy eating. From sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and mealworms through to berries birds require a number of different nutrients from different types of feed, particularly during the colder months when finding food in the wild can be difficult.

    One type of bird food which wild birds particularly enjoy is bird peanuts.

    These little nuts contain lots of goodness to keep all species of birds in good health throughout the year, and are a type of food which birds love.