Bird Tables UK, Bird Feeding Tables for the Garden

Bird Tables UK, Bird Feeding Tables for the Garden

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    Adding a bird table to your garden or outside space could be a fantastic way of attracting wild birds and support the wildlife in your local area.

    Birds need nourishment and food throughout the year, particularly during the cold winter months when smaller birds struggle to find enough food. A new bird table situated in your garden will help attract more birds throughout the year, particularly if you include some delicious, high quality bird food. There is nothing more our feathered friends love than enjoying seeds, nuts and other goodies from a bird feeder.

    12 products
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    Metal Hanging bird table
    Metal Bird Table
    Window Feeding Table
    Silhouette Hanging Feeding Table
    Harlaxton Bird Table
    Sedgebrook Bird Table
    Spalding Ground Table
    Spalding Ground Table
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    Timeless Bempton Hanging Bird Table
    Bempton Hanging Bird Table

    What are the benefits of having bird tables?

    In a nutshell (pardon the pun) bird tables provide wild birds with a safe place to land, shelter from the weather and enjoy a bite to eat.

    Bird tables provide many benefits to the local wildlife in your area. As a team we are passionate about support the ecology which can be found in our back gardens and neighbourhoods, and if you're considering encouraging more wildlife into your garden we strongly recommend switching to having a bird feeding table in your outside space.

    It makes the perfect focal point in your garden to watch the comings and goings of a huge variety of wildlife, from birds through to squirrels. You can even add next boxes to encourage even greater numbers of birds to your garden space. So grab your binoculars, take a pew and enjoy mother nature at its best thanks to your brand new bird table from the Awesome Wildlife Company.

    Adding a bird table to your garden is the perfect way to create your own wildlife oasis and a place for birds to seek shelter along with some nutritious bird food.

    What are bird tables made from?

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we pride ourselves in only offering the highest quality products and items on our website store. This includes our wide range of bird feeding tables and also our other products such as nest boxes.

    Our team searches high and low to bring our customers only the best possible bird tables made from high quality, sustainable wood where possible. Our wooden bird tables provide enough support and a sturdy surface for multiple birds to feed from, and may also include hooks on which you could add additional bird feeders in order to provide a delicious banquet for all sorts of different species of birds.

    All of our bird feeding tables have a high quality design, meaning that they are unlikely to fall over during windy or bad weather, and also the certified timber used means that they should last for many years to come.

    By adding bird tables in your garden and providing bird food you're helping to support and grow your local wildlife and protect the habitats that they live in.

    Choosing the right bird feeding table

    Depending on the size of your garden or your access to outside space, its important to consider the type of bird table which could be suitable for your needs.

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we offer a range of different types of bird table, including quality hand made wooden bird tables made from fsc certified timber, basket style bird tables and also the option of a ground bird table. As a result, you can find the perfect bird table to suit different garden shapes and sizes.

    Bird tables don't just come in one size or shape. In fact, there are a vast array of different styles available, many of which you can add to your basket here at the Awesome Wildlife Company shop.

    Our stock varies from wood based products through to specially designed next boxes and basket style bird feeding tables. You can check that a bird table is right for you by looking at reviews bird table before you add to basket.

    Why purchase your bird table from the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    As a business, we are passionate about looking after the world around us, in particular the wildlife and nature which is on our doorsteps.

    Consequently, we only offer our customers the highest quality products on our online shop, including our bird table range.

    Our state of the art website is easy to use and work correctly on any more modern web browser, including google chrome, internet explorer and safari web browser. It is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure an easy shopping experience and a straight forward way to add products to your shopping basket and checkout. Whether you want to add to basket a bird feeding table, bird seed or nest boxes, we have something to suit any outside space or garden.

    We take our customers data security very seriously and are commented to keeping our customers data safe at all times. This ensures that you can be confident that you won't become a victim of cyber crime when you shop with the Awesome Wildlife Company or visit our website.

    A customer of the Awesome Wildlife Company can also benefit from free delivery on all orders over £50. Just check your basket items to ensure they add up to £50 to qualify for this amazing deal on checkout.

    All of our products are carefully packaged by hand to ensure that they arrive with the customer in perfect condition, including a bird table from us. Our stock is the highest quality, from our feeders to tables, and we're committed to offering our customers the very best.