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    Robins, with their gorgeous red plumage and sweet, friendly nature are one of the UK's favourite garden birds. Synonymous with winter and the festive season, and often featuring on Christmas cards and decorations, robins actually visit our gardens and outside spaces year round, and as a result benefit from a the addition of bird food like many of our other feathered friends.

    Robins eat a wide variety of different food, including insects, dried mealworms seeds, and other special mix foods which you can purchase online or in stores.

    Feeding robins is easy and you can help encourage them to visit your garden along with other small birds through leaving feed out on ground feeders, hanging feeders, bird tables and other kinds of bird feeders in your garden.

    Here at the Awesome Wildlife Company we're passionate about supporting the smaller birds which can be found right here in the UK. As a result, we've curated only the finest, good quality wildlife products, including bird seed and a bird table range and a bird feeder range.

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    Why should I provide robin bird food?

    Robins are an extremely important animal in our ecosystem here in the UK. Alongside other smaller birds such as blue tits and house sparrows, robins are at risk of disappearing from our gardens and outside spaces if we don't support them by feeding them throughout the year, partially during the winter months.

    If you want to feed robins, you could look forward to lots of feathered friends joining you in your garden. Birds eat a variety of different types of food, including all the seeds you can usually find in bid food packets, as well as other food such as worms, fruit, berries and nuts.

    By wild bird food for birds in your garden, you are helping to ensure the delicate ecosystem of the UK's wildlife continues to grow for generations to come, whilst helping to prevent some of our birds disappearing forever.


    What do robins eat?

    In the wild, robins eat a wide variety of different food to provide them with the energy and protein for flying and reproducing.

    Some of their favourite foods are worms, fruit, insects (especially beetles) and nuts - all types of food you can recreate yourself through a special mix of pre made food which can be purchased from stores and garden centres such as the Awesome Wildlife Company.

    By leaving this type of food out in your garden, you'll be welcoming robins and other small birds in no time!


    How can I encourage robins into my garden?

    Feeding robins in your outside space is one of the best ways of encouraging robins into your garden.

    The first thing to do is to find the perfect bird feeder or add some bird tables to your outside space. By introducing a taller bird table or feeder which is off the ground, you can prevent ground feeding birds, such as wood pigeons, eating all the food that you leave out for robins.

    You can even find a window feeder which attaches to the glass - these are a fantastic way of observing birds in your garden as they will come right up to the house to eat the seeds, sunflower hearts, insects or whatever else you leave in the feeder for them.


    Why choose the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    We are passionate about providing our customers with only the highest quality wildlife products across our wide range online.

    We are dedicated to supporting the UK's wildlife, including robins, and as a result, we only stock products which we have tried and tested for their durability and quality.