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    If you're looking to attract wild birds into your garden or outside space, creating a bird feeding station could be the ideal way to welcome our feathered friends.

    Small birds are always on the look out for nourishment and food, particularly during the colder months, so by introducing bird feeders and other feeding stations in your garden, you can help support the UK birds by offering them a safe and secure area where they can enjoy a wide range of feed.

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company, we're proud to only stock the highest quality bird feeding stations for our garden visitors, including a great range of bird food products to suit a variety of species. Our high quality, durable products include everything you need for a bird feeding station. Plus, our excellent reviews showcase how incredible our feeding station items are.

    12 products
    Notgrove Bird Feeder
    Sterling Feeding Station
    Essentials Four Arm Complete Feeding Station
    Heritage Complete Four Arm Feeding Station
    Heavy Duty S Hook Large
    Essentials Two Arm Complete Feeding Station
    Essentials Two Arm Complete Feeding Station
    Essentials Two Arm Feeding Station
    Essentials Two Arm Feeding Station
    Heavy Duty S Hook Small
    Heavy Duty S Hook Small
    Heavy Duty Shepherds Crook
    Heavy Duty Shepherds Crook
    Window Feeding Hook
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    Timeless Bempton Hanging Bird Table
    Bempton Hanging Bird Table

    Why should I set up a bird feeding station?

    There are countless benefits to adding a bird feeder to your outside space. Whether you hang it from a tree or use a bird feeder on a pole and place it in the ground, birds will be happy to feed in your garden if you create a perfect wild bird feeding station.

    Many species of wild bird are actually in danger here in the UK. When we think about endangered animals, we often think of wild animals you usually find on safari or in the rainforest. However, the issue is much closer to home. However, the beauty of UK wild birds is at real risk, and it may not be long before some of bird population disappears forever.

    The UK is at risk of losing many of its wild birds through illness, disease, urbanisation and decreasing availability of food. The location of habitats has a huge impact on birds ability to thrive, and sadly many of these habitats are being affected by human interference. As a result, its imperative that we give our feathered friends a helping hand and hang plenty of feeders outside to support them throughout the year.

    What kind of food should I include in my bird feeder station?

    Birds enjoy a wide range of different foods in the wild - from berries and insects through to grubs and seeds. As a result, it is important that you provide a wide variety of different food to attract them into your garden.

    From bags of mixed seed through to dried mealworms, birds need protein and carbohydrates to provide them the energy to grow stay healthy. This is particularly important during the spring, when a bird may start to reproduce, or during winter when its more difficult to find food in the wild.

    Depending on the type of feeders you include in your station, you can fill your feeders with and amazing range of food to create an excel lend place for wildlife to come and eat.

    It is easy to purchase a wide range of feed to add to your bird feeding stations in stores and online. At the click of a button you can find a great selection with outstanding reviews at different price points right here on the Awesome Wildlife Company website. Simply add to basket and you'll be able to create the perfect bird feeding station in no time.

    What kind of bird feeders should I select for my bird feeding stations?

    Bird feeding stations tend to comprise of a few different bird feeders - some hung from a tree or bush, some attached to the ground with poles or a spike, or feeders which are attached to a wall through a mount. All these feeders serve a fantastic purpose and offer a great place where birds and feed peacefully and safely, away from predators in your garden.

    When choosing what bird feeders you want to use, its important to select a good product which is durable, sturdy and easy to assemble. Decent bird feeders should be able to withstand everything which mother nature throws at it, including wet and windy weather. Strong bases are also important to prevent them falling over in the wind.

    Ideally, you want to select feeders which are easy to assemble so that you can ensure that they are sturdy enough when you finally place them in your garden.

    Many feeding stations benefit from different accessories which you can add to as you go along. This could include a basket to store suet balls in, bird houses on poles or even a hanging feeder which can be placed near to your feeding station.

    Your neighbours are bound to be impressed when they spot your excellent station for wild birds - no doubt they'll want one for their own garden!

    Why create your bird feeding station using products from the Awesome Wildlife Company?

    At the Awesome Wildlife Company we're passionate about offering our customers a good product line, including items for feeding stations.

    We offer a wide range of items to add to basket and our great customer reviews speak for themselves.

    Our website is easy to navigate and use, and you can add so many different wildlife products to your order which are of the highest quality. Additionally, any order over £80 benefits from free delivery in the UK.

    Whether you're creating a feeding station in your garden, want to create a food basket for wild birds or looking to review the wildlife items you have in your garden, explore our excellent range and discover exactly what you're looking for.

    And if you're happy with your purchase, don't forget to leave a review and add your comments for future customers.