Outdoor Easter Activities for Kids

Spring has arrived, and the Easter holidays are just around the corner. Two weeks of finding ways to entertain the children can seem daunting (and expensive!), but it doesn't have to be.

With the great outdoors right on our doorsteps, there are always ways to entertain the little ones while also enriching their minds - so it's time to bunny hop outside, even if it's just relaxing in the spring sun enjoying some hot cross buns!

Whether it's a walk along the beach, attending an Easter Parade or putting on an Easter egg hunt in your garden, there are so many ways to spend Easter outside.

The Benefits of Spending Time Outside

During the holidays, it's hard to burn off all of that excess energy kids seem to have! Getting them outside and giving them space to run around and be active gets rid of all of that physical energy and means they'll (hopefully) go straight to sleep come bedtime.

With endless opportunities for imagination to run wild outside - it's a great way to keep their brain active and could keep them entertained for hours on end. Whether it's building forts, or creating nature inspired art - there's no limit to what can be done in your garden.

The Easter holidays provide a perfect opportunity for kids to disconnect from screens, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy the benefits of nature.

Easter Egg Hunt

As one of the most popular activities over Easter - there's no better way to spend a sunny afternoon that search for Easter Eggs hidden in your garden. Whether plastic Easter eggs, decorated eggs or chocolate eggs, everyone enjoys the hunt!

You can easily set an Easter Egg hunt up in your garden by buying some mini eggs and putting your bunny ears on to hide them all over your outside space (Without the kids seeing!) once well hidden, let the search begin! You can even add on some fun Easter games to this day.

If you've not got the space to set up a hunt, during the Easter season there are many hunts set up - so make sure to keep an eye on local events for one you could attend.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

For the older kids, a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get them outside and enjoying nature.

Decide on the location for the scavenger hunt. It could be in your garden, a local park, or even indoors if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities.

Have fun with preparing the sets of clues that will lead the kids to the next stop - make them Easter themed with a few baby chick puns and yellow colour theme. Hide the clues in various locations so that the kids can follow the trail.

At the end of the hunt, give small prizes out to all those that completed the trail.


Gardening is an activity that is enjoyed by those of all ages - and what better time to get your garden looking tip top that when you've got some helping hands?!

For the kids, it will help them develop valuable skills and encourage environmental awareness. You can show them how to plant seeds and teach them the importance of everything that goes into gardening.

There are so many benefits of gardening with kids which is what makes it such a great activity over Easter!

Wildlife Easter Walk

Research a near by nature reserve, beach or park known for its wildlife and wonderful walks - you can just go on a long walk with the kids and they will enjoy it so much - but if you are feeling creative, research all of the wildlife that can be found in this area and make a list.

Bring the list with you on the walk and with the kids, see how many from the list you can find. As you walk, take time to search and explore the area - look at the beautiful blooms and enjoy these nature activities.

Easter Picnic

On a nice day, make a packed lunch, pack up your picnic blanket and head down to your local park and have a picnic with an Easter twist - this could be having Easter themed decorations or playing a game of Easter Egg Toss.

This is an easy way to get out for the day and give the children space to run around and get some fresh air!

Egg and Spoon Race

Whether you're brave enough to play with a real white egg, a hard boiled egg or opt for plastic eggs - an egg and spoon race is the perfect way to get both younger kids and older kids moving.

Just set up a start line and a finish line, get the kids all lined up and them set them off - the first one over wins a prize. You can do rounds and split the kids into age groups too.

You could also have different types of races - like an Easter Egg roll race down a nearby hill.

Build a Bug Hotel

Gather all of your family and friends to build a bug hotel. This is a great way to attract insects to your garden whilst providing them with a safe space for these tiny creepy crawly's to hibernate and nest.

To get started, gather materials such as untreated wood, bamboo canes, bricks, and natural debris like pine cones and leaves. Then, let your creativity flow as you design and construct your bug hotel, stacking and arranging the materials to create different habitats for a variety of insects. Be sure to place your bug hotel in a sunny spot with plenty of nearby vegetation to attract a diverse range of bugs.

What if it is Raining?

If the weather doesn't cooperate and rain puts a damper on your outdoor plans, there are still plenty of fun and engaging indoor activities to enjoy during the Easter holidays. From arts and crafts to watching nature, there's something for everyone to enjoy, rain or shine.

Puddle Jumping

When life gives you rainy days, why not make a splash? Puddle jumping is the best rainy day activity that promises endless fun for kids and adults alike. Get your favorite rain boots out and waterproof jackets, and head outdoors to seek out the biggest and most inviting puddles.

After all, a little rain never hurt anyone, and the joy of puddle jumping is simply irresistible.

Indoor Bird Watching

By the window, with a clear view of your garden, set up a garden watching spot. With a pair of binoculars and a bird identification guide, get ready to watch for all of the feathered visitors that grace your garden. If you have a nest box in your garden you may even see the adult birds heading in and out to feed their chicks.

From vibrant Robins and cheerful Blue Tits, each sighting brings a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world.

Nature Inspired Art

Through simple yet engaging activities like leaf rubbings, flower pressing, or nature collages, children can explore the textures, colours, and shapes found in their natural surroundings on a rainy day.

Whether it's painting a picture of a sunny meadow, crafting a bird's nest from twigs and leaves, or sculpting animals from clay, nature inspired art encourages children to observe, imagine, and create.