About Us

In 2022, the Awesome Wildlife Company was founded by wildlife enthusiast Alex Gill as part of The Awesome Shopping Group. Since then, we have emerged as the leading online store for wildlife products designed to attract and protect wildlife in our gardens.

As a family run business, we take immense pride in placing family values at the core of The Awesome Wildlife Company. These values serve as the driving force behind our dedication and commitment to safeguarding our gardens as sanctuaries for wildlife. This dedication resonates in the quality of our products and the exceptional customer service we provide.

All the products we stock boast high quality, and our bird feed can be trusted to provide a highly nutritious diet to all species.

Alex, our founder, is not only a passionate wildlife advocate but also a wildlife photographer, travelling the UK to capture the beauty of nature. Harnessing this passion, Alex has created an online store that caters to creatures great and small, while also serving as an educational platform on creating wildlife friendly gardens.

With an extensive wealth of knowledge on animals, Alex and his team are on a mission to share best practices for caring for garden animals. Whether you're seeking guidance on a particular garden bird species or tips on rewilding your outdoor space, visit our learning centre and blog page to learn more.