Woodpecker Nest Boxes & Bird Boxes

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    Our Woodpecker nest box mimics the natural nesting habitats of these wild birds and provides them with a safe space to breed and raise their young.

    With their own entrance hole to a cavity style nest box, all of our boxes are specially made to suit this species of bird. The entrance whole is the perfect size for Woodpeckers so that they will use this nesting box over a different nest box designed for smaller birds.

    Inside the Woodpecker nest box mimics a natural rough cavity where the Woodpecker can make a home and raise their young.

    Made with durable materials, our natural product range of Woodpecker nest boxes will withstand harsh weather such as prevailing wind, and provide a retreat for these birds.

    Enhance your own home and garden and browse our range of Woodpecker nests.

    1 product
    Woodpecker Bird House
    Woodpecker Bird House

    Woodpecker Nest Box For The Garden

    The Great Spotted Woodpeckers are one of the most amazing garden birds, alongside the Green Woodpecker and the Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, which is why our nests are specifically designed to create a suitable space for the Woodpeckers to call home during their breeding season.

    Feeding on insects and invertebrates, these birds aren't just a pretty addition to your outside space, they also act as a natural pest control as they feed off of insects we consider pest and keeping the population at bay.

    Specialist Woodpecker Nest Box

    In wildlife environments, Woodpeckers are cavity nester and they will drum and hammer a dead tree to excavate a hole in the wood which means they won't just use any nest box.

    Our specialist Woodpecker nest boxes are all cavity style nesting sites so that this species can nest if there is a lack of appropriate natural nesting sites in your area. The entrance hole is created specifically for Woodpeckers so that they can easily access the nest box.

    Our nest boxes are big enough to fit the large Woodpecker eggs in comfortably and feature side doors to allow them to be cleaned easily outside of breeding season.

    The Best Place to Put A Woodpecker Nest Box

    To ensure you are attracting Woodpecker's to your nest box, place the nest box around six to 12 feet high on a tree trunk, so that it is visible to the Woodpeckers and out of the reach of ground predators.

    Position the box facing the away from direct sunlight, in a shaded, woodland area. This will mimic a natural nesting site. When searching for the perfect spot, ensure there is a clear fly path so that the Woodpeckers can easily get in and out of the Woodpecker nest box.

    Naturally, Woodpeckers create their own cavities in trees which means the bottom of the nest would be filled with debris. To create an environment that is close to the natural nesting site as possible, place a few wood shavings and chips at the bottom of the Woodpecker nest box.

    How Can I Attract Woodpecker's to My Garden

    If you're looking to attract this unique bird into your outside space there are a few things to add into your garden, especially if you want to create an environment where they feel comfortable to nest.

    Make sure there is a fresh source of water at all times: this can be from a water feature, a bird bath or just a shallow dish of water. With this water, the birds will clean themselves and also drink, so it's important to make sure there is a consistent, fresh source of water and to take extra caution during the winter when the water may freeze, or the summer where it may dry up.

    Sunflower Hearts for Birds, Peanut Bird feed and Suet Balls. These are the three foods you need in your garden to ensure Woodpeckers, and other species, have access to food they love.