How to Stop Pigeons on Bird Table - 9 Effective Ways

Having bird tables in your garden can be a wonderful way to attract a variety of beautiful bird species. However, pigeons can often become unwelcome guests, monopolising the feeding area and driving away smaller birds. If you're struggling with pesky pigeons, don't worry!

In this article, we'll explore ten effective methods to deter pigeons from your standing bird table, allowing other bird species to thrive and enjoy the feeding area.

Install a physical barrier

One of the most straightforward approaches to keep pigeons at bay is to install a wire mesh or netting with small holes to cover the bird table. Ensure the mesh is securely fastened to prevent pigeons from accessing the feeding area.

Adjust the feeding setup

Consider modifying your bird table design to make it less appealing to pigeons. Narrow perches or angled surfaces can make it challenging for pigeons to balance and feed comfortably.

Provide limited perching space

Pigeons prefer wide surfaces for perching. By reducing the available space, you can discourage them from settling on your bird table. Add narrow perches or small spikes that make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land.


Invest in pigeon-proof feeders

Choose bird feeders that are specifically designed to prevent larger birds like pigeons from accessing the food. Tube feeders with small feeding ports or weight-sensitive feeders that close under the weight of larger birds can be effective solutions.

Modify the feeding behaviour

Pigeons are attracted to scattered seeds and bread crumbs. Instead of offering food in this manner, use feeders that dispense smaller portions of food at a time. By reducing the amount of food available at once, you reduce the chances of pigeons dominating the feeding area.

Opt for selective feeding

Certain bird species are less likely to attract pigeons. Use feeders or food types that are favoured by smaller birds like finches, tits, and sparrows. Pigeons are less inclined to compete with these smaller species for food, thus reducing their presence.

Utilise visual deterrents

Pigeons are cautious of sudden movements and reflective surfaces. Hang old CDs or aluminium foil strips near the bird table to create reflections that discourage pigeons from landing. Wind chimes or wind spinners that produce sound and movement can also help deter them.


Implement scare tactics

Motion-activated sprinklers or ultrasonic repellents can startle pigeons with sudden bursts of water or emit high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to them. These devices can effectively discourage pigeons from frequenting your bird table.

Maintain cleanliness

Pigeons are attracted to food debris and spilled seed. Regularly clean up any leftovers or spilled birdseed from the bird table to remove their incentive for visiting. By keeping the feeding area clean, you discourage pigeons from returning.


With these nine effective methods at your disposal, you can successfully discourage pigeons from taking over your bird table in the UK. By implementing physical barriers, adjusting feeding setups, and utilising scare tactics or visual deterrents, you can create an environment that is less appealing to pigeons while still attracting a variety of other beautiful bird species.

Remember to only use 100% humane methods that do not harm or injure any wildlife visiting your garden. Enjoy the diverse array of birds that will now have the opportunity to thrive and flourish in your bird table haven. By maintaining cleanliness and selectively feeding smaller bird species, you can create a harmonious and balanced environment that allows the beauty of nature to unfold right in your own backyard.

Remember, patience and consistency are key when implementing these deterrent methods. Pigeons may initially test the boundaries, but with time, they will learn to seek alternative feeding areas, leaving your bird table a sanctuary for the smaller, more delicate species.

So, go ahead and put these strategies into action. Install the necessary barriers, adjust the setup, and incorporate visual and auditory deterrents. Keep your bird table clean and offer selective feeding options. And don't forget to enjoy the vibrant colours and melodious songs of the diverse bird species that will once again grace your bird table. Together, let's create a welcoming space that fosters a thriving bird community while ensuring that pigeons no longer dominate the scene.

Happy bird watching!